Seperate program to automatically update in the background, so that it's ready when I start the game

of course it would be nice to still show what has been updated. and this auto updater should be optional. but it should be it’s own, very lightweight program that automatically takes care of updates. It’ll be great for those who have slow internet and dont want to leave flight sim running, using high CPU (which might be needed for other things) just to download 5GB of (hopefully) fixed content.

the standalone program should sync it’s download/instal settings with the main game. and vice versa. and you should be able to see DL speed, game statistics, self throttling for updates, and self throttling for game content streaming (slower internets who have multiple users might want to only use half of their 50mbps internet instead of the whole thing, without using a 3rd party app throttling app) - also, it would be nice if you could schedule when the standalone program downloads, and create rules. “dont download when another game is running. dont download when ableton live or premiere is running. dont download when a video streaming website is open in a browser. dont download when -custom- app is open” stuff like that.

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