Serious TAA issue after update


I’ve recently returned to MSFS2020. I had stopped for while in March/2022.

Now in my comeback in May/2022, I installed all the latest Sim Updates (as well as Nvidia Drivers).

However, I got so frustrated right away.

Why? I noticed that the TAA Antialiasing feature is simply making my game so blurry. The visual sharpness of everything is way worse. It doesn’t look nearly as sharp as before. I play at 1440p so it’s very noticeable. I’ve modified all setting and I came to the conclusion that the Microsoft Team has likely changed the TAA graphics, and not many people noticed that (mainly because most play at 1080p). And how do I know that? Because if I switch the TAA to “OFF” the sharpness comes back again (but the graphics lose all the benefits of antialiasing modeling, so my image starts flickering for example, which is normal when TAA is off).

Does anyone have the same problem too?

I run my game on a RTX 3080ti, 16gb RAM 3600mhz and Ryzen 5600x. My image resolution is 1440p (what makes the TAA issue much more noticeable).

Thank you.

3840x1600 and nothing blurry here…

Can you provide some screenshots ? ( needs may be a later zoomed-part because of forums jpg compression ).

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I have also noticed TAA looks somewhat different than what it was before, its certainly not as sharp as it was - aliases all over the place too.

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AA seems to be degrading gradually since SU5.
This thread is from August 2021 but since then Asobo just sort of ignored it.

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At 4k, it’s probably hard to distinguish. However, at 1440p, it’s very clear. It seems as if my overall resolution (after sim update) went somewhere between 1080p and 1440p with TAA set to “ON” (because of the lost sharpness when at TAA).

Here is the image to compare (TAA “ON” and TAA “OFF”). Before the lastest Sim Update, my graphics with TAA “ON” looked pretty much like playing with TAA “OFF” nowadays:

Exactly! Specially when playing at 1440p, it’s noticeable the huge difference. Everything looks so blurry. I play on a 27’ inch monitor.

Some weeks ago, I could clearly see all things written on the cockpit panel when sitting in the cockpit (like crystal clear). Now, it’s way worse. It’s quite surprising that Asobo isn’t paying attention to this. The developers surely play on 1080p displays and don’t give a ■■■■ about people playing at Quad HD resolutions.

Indeed. I would say they are doing that on purpose to hide possible scenery imperfections from being seen. There is no explanation as to way they keep degrading it.