Server Problems in Europe Today 18 July 22?

MSFS keeps setting me offline today when using the European servers. I have now connected to West USA and so far it remains online.

My location Austria.

Nothing new. Every week we have server problems of some kind since months ago. They don´t pay the bill :laughing:


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But is it just me? I have tested my internet connection and it seems normal.

Now it is also happening with the USA servers as well.

If you have problems just look here:

Yes, there are XBox problems right now (also in DE)

Yes I looked there earlier but at that time it did not report any problems.

Looks like the Weather Server is also a bit out of control today.
I just fly into ENBR where the METAR is saying this: ENBR 180950Z 19006KT 9999 SCT005 BKN008 15/14 Q1016 TEMPO SCT008 BKN025 RMK WIND 1200FT 21009KT and I have clear skies :smiley:

Lets hope its fixed after the maint. :slight_smile:

Microsoft has a server outage in the US and in Brazil. Haven’t played yet today.

I use this site: Internet Outages Map | ThousandEyes

EDIT: I just played and didn’t see any problem. I am on East USA Server.

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