Server routing issue?

Hellow all,

first of all sorry for bad english!

i do encounter a problem with the download speeds.
tryed all the guides out there already for better speed, but it does remain the same value.
i got a 300 Mbps line but only download at 14Mbps speed, 'ive talked to other european people and they also complain about low downloadspeeds, the one thing is, when i install a vpn line(from netherlands) my download speed increases( triples)
any other people complains ?
is this server routing problems ? also same ingame when downloading buyed scenery etc.

Installed world update IV here (Belgium) today.
Basically no problems, but rather slow download speed.
Most of the time somewhere around 10 - 12 mbps, although a speedtest on my internet connection results in 120 mbps in the same moment…
So complete installations took about 4 - 5 hours…
Had this behaviour also with world update 3…
At initial installation I didn’t face this issue, and reached download speeds from 70 - 100 mbps…
How could I improve download speed for future updates?

I have been having the same issue since launch. I have a 60 Mbps connection. Every other service I use like steam or epic gives me full download speeds. In the MSFS2020 launcher, my download speeds have never exceeded 6.5 Mbps. Its absolutely horrible.