Servers down again?

Then maybe the issue happens only with the Steam version

I have store version and my log book is wiped out.


I’ve done this update and i still have a problem. It now happens 20 min into the flight.
The sim also redownloaded the last performance update, for some reason, even though i already had it.
Somethings wrong on a server level, so many people all over the world suddenly have this issue.

I would suggest MS or Asobo (I dont know who) should build or use more server around the world. It would reduces the amount of processing in each server, would reduces latency, I some had problem other could “take” those datas and, as said before, would give a breath to the system when xbox be fully online

Got the “update” warning as I started descent into Stockholm, said no to continue. Then all the voices in ATC changed, got a completely new very young sounding lady controller, “my” voice was like a 12 year old, but after “landing” the ground controller was a very gruff guy and most unhelpful when I asked for taxi!

Oh yes, that landing - it suddenly all went to pot and I found myself heading straight for the deck. The autopilot disconnected and I just about managed to pull up with a very untidy landing!

Didn’t discover I was off-line until I came back to this thread - put myself back on, found the updates which have now downloaded. Checked everything else, logbook, settings etc. all seems to be okay.

What strange behaviour!

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Still trying to get my flying fix with offline mode, and I just realized something: the offline scenery really looks a lot like default FSX or P3D. :smiley:

I’m starting to think MSFS was hacked on top of FSX instead of built up from the ground

It sent me the Pitts areoplane over again, thats all I have gotten…

Exactly the same experience. I realised quickly because of the change in ATC voices.
I suspect they rolled out something for yesterday’s voice problems and they just messed up something as always, this time the logbook. My counters/achievements are there, but hours are zero.

Actually I thought offline scenery looked worse then FSX or P3D. At least in those when you see tower warning lights theres a tower connected to them, in this its just phantom lights hanging in the air…

times at Options, General at Traffic and Data was with me everything on “off”.
Got it back on and now it works again

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Tried that but there doesn’t seem to be any server to connect to.

Yeah I just reloaded and it reloaded an update again, After I got to the main menu I restarted the sim, started at Burke, and am showing 38-45 FPS currently. I had this the other day to (all day) so maybe they fixed something so us stutters can quit whining and enjoy the sim…

The servers seem to be down at the moment. Also here in Germany. We will have to wait and see.

This seems a lot like what happened before World Update 3 where they pushed backend stuff to the servers that made 3rd party airports crash the sim from Thursday until the update came out the following Tuesday. I believe some people’s logbooks were wiped then as well.

It seems like the update mechanism is not “clean”.

Best to avoid flying MS Crash Simulator for almost a week before updates I guess.

It seems more like an issue with the Xbox Gaming services than the Azure side …

Has Asobo provided any information on what the problem is and if they are working to fix it?

MS just dumped the “packages out of date” on me too during a flight, (what are you doing Asobo? Really.)
After restarting the sim, still with spotty online services.

LinerXiandra There should be some optional downloads in the Profile>Content Manager

I had three so far, but even after forcing me out of my flight to update, it still thinks there are more to do and keeps kicking me out, this time JUST as I started to taxi …

Well I was up to around 42 fps in the 152, so I hopped into the A320 started out 26 Fps 10 min later same thing different day back down to 10fps …