Servers down again?

Someone else mentioned their cockpit clock was running at faster-than-normal speed

Maybe injects helium into the AI lol …

Yeah, I don’t think that’s right lol. Did you sign up for the beta test of World Update 4?
If not, something really is broken !!

PERFECT - this works. Thank you, Danke und Tschüss from Germany!

No, it doesn’t … I did that hours ago, and it is still giving me the same message.
This was 45 minutes after doing the updates, rebooting and restarting …

I had those three earlier, but “that out date package” was after a few sim restarts later.

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Hi all, if you get “Packages out of Date”, please use this topic so it’s tracked. This topic has been pushed up.
Thank you!

It would seem that one does NOT want to try to run MSFS if the servers are down, and this can cause issues ?

I start MSFS with a Batch file (cmd file), which first goes to make sure it has Internet connection to the servers (?) by getting a Graphic file from the server, and displaying it.
If it cannot get and display that graphic file, then there is a good chance that the server is down or unreachable, and I stop trying to load MSFS, “BEFORE” it gets into trouble and confused(?) by nit finding the server.

May not be the best approach, but it works for me.

The URL for the Graphic I use is

If it does not load, then I stop trying to run MSFS

Not sure if this is the correct server to try, but it looks like it may be appropriate.

IN any case, it’s nice to see the Image POP UP, as it tells me the process of starting MSFS has started – otherwise its 45 seconds, starting at a screen, before you get any indication that you have really stated the process of starting up MSFS.

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Has there been any kind of official comment from Asobo/Microsoft ? Have they even acknowledged there is an issue and they’re looking into it ?

Not sure if this is directly related but ever since I did the most recent updates with the few enhanced airport updates in content manager now I am getting these CTD’s for the first time ever! From what I’ve noticed so far in the past couple hours is that as long as I select an enhanced airport either by MS or third party I get a CTD while the flight is loading up. But…….if I choose a non-enhanced airport and turn off third party content all seems to work just fine. Will do more tests over the weekend but I’m tired of the restarts just to get back to the World Map.

HI Hester
Can you just cut and paste all these into that one?
Or do we all need to repeat what we said here?
THat one just looks like it is for “losing my logbook”

The ones related to the packages out of date? Yes, I can move into that link I posted above.
That topic is also for anything lost. So profile hours, logbooks, etc. It starts with getting that “packing out of date”.

No sorry, I meant the ones relating to “I lost my logbook hours” and “blank logbook”, this thread is more about we cannot fly, because it’s stuck in a loop for this update that goes in (3 files) then keeps looping again to do it again
Although, the last time it did it to me, about 30 mins ago, it DID “wipe” my log book as well !!

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The entire time rate in the simulator is running extremely fast after the update. I took off at 3:30ish PM eastern time and after 1.5 hours of flight it was night time and the time was showing 10:22PM CDT. Not really sure what they did here. Is there an options to accelerate time? The aircraft itself was at the correct location for 1.5 hours of flight time, but 7 hours of “time” had gone by in those 1.5 hours.

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Yes I lost 300 hrs of flight took ne back to ZERO.
On the good side My Just Flight PA28 started working with my Thrustmaster after 3 weeks.


LOL I just experienced this as well, I just felt like the sim was running to fast, press the decelerate time button twice, the press accelerate time twice yup still feels way to fast back it down one and it was closer to normal…

There seems to be something else going on here at the Azures Server page, scroll down a bit till you hit the comments section Microsoft Azure Down? Current status overview | Downdetector

Oh and for lost log books, I lost 600+ before Jan, just looked in the sim and lost another 350 hours at least there as well ROFL what a way to run a Banana Republic…

Same here (Italy)… Got the update packages message 2-3 times… Some settings have been reset… I have ZERO hours in my profile, but the next target is still the one I had yesterday!! I also had some general - I hope unrelated - internet connection problems.

Thanks for that tip… interesting option. I can see that picture on the game server in a browser, so… to check the game server before starting… good preventive measure and MS&Asobo could use it to pass euuhm certain messages to us ? maybe? It’s not so difficult to change a picture saying

“Server is back. If you start the game now your settings and logbook and version will be restored”

(please :worried: )

That’s just 2 people saying they have problems with Azure, then another 1, then 2 more … Down Detector is still saying that there are no issues.
Similarly, there are none reported on the Azure faults pages.
The real problem is either Xbox Gaming or software related I suspect. Those updates are from the Profile->Content Manager.
Updates in there are optional, so the fact that they are forcing us to quit and update suggests a break in software somewhere. It really shouldn’t care if we update them or not. It’s as if someone accidentally set a flag to force update, or to not allow connection without the updates.
The other problem I had was that my Xbox Gaming did not show any of my friends, and I couldn’t set myself to show as away/offline etc., nor could I check my profile.

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Yeah nothing on Xbox gaming status page as to anything being down either. There were more then a couple of people reporting issues with Azure though if you scroll around the site.