Servers down already? Cannot start the sim

I wanted to just fly around a bit before the update hits. My client is stuck in checking for updates screen, ocasionally locking up the pc but not getting done. Internet connection seems fine. I am in Europe.

Any one else having problems?

Nope. Restart PC and run msfs.

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For me it works normal (Germany)

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Thank you guys, it just took a very long time. Even after a restart but now it seems to load.

Same to me some minutes before - location Germany. “Check for Updates”-screen missed. Trying to restart the sim fourth time and now it works.
Be patient and try again…servers seem to be a little overloaded.

I have the Marketplace greyed out and verrry Long startup.

The startup of MSFS is going very slowly today.
I think they are cleaning the servers for this afternoon.

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There is chance server will be overloaded today. So sim startup, weather, atc voice, MP etc…all about stream data from bing could have issue. The best is to not open discussion and wait 1 or 2 days before raising issues.

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