SERVERS DOWN, due a XboX maintenance

Offline here at the North Pole too.

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About pmdg 737-800 737-700 it started for me yesterday. But yesterday it was able to start pmdg after few attempts. Now pmdg is not starting…

Hello folks,

Normal service is now restored. Thank you for your patience while our support teams worked to resolve this issue. We apologize for the inconvenience.



Still nothing for me, PC MS Store, United Kingdom. I’ll keep trying.

U.K is down again! Keeps connecting to servers in Asia then disconnecting. Now i’m gonna have to spend some time with the wife lol

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I happened to switch back to MSFS just as everything came back on-line. Just to be sure, I logged out then back in again and everything now seems to be okay.

Ditto. Network settings, firewall rules (local and router), event logs.

landing challenge progress is gone but flight hours are available

Hi! I am on Xbox. I am unable to connect to online server. Thanks for checking.

All up and running as normal in uk on the darkside (xbox)

This is not solved. Offline mode, then online, the again offline, all the time during flying on Xbox…

I had two flights earlier, and had no disconnects. Shortly after this was discovered I had fired up the sim to get a disconnect message during loading, which I had never seen before, so I just closed the sim before it loaded, and did something else.

MS store user.

Sounds like this happens to you a LOT. I would suspect your ISP or router might be the source.

This is only the 2nd time in 3 years I’ve seen the sim go offline like this - even for a second.

are the servers down again?

i try all wat help before,log out and in store and x-box app,time is syncrone,restart pc…no way to start the sim now,
it get more and more bugy with the sim…

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There are currently no reported server outages. If you are receiving an error stating that you need to insert the game disc, please see our Zendesk help website for some troubleshooting steps that will hopefully fix your problem! :slight_smile:

“Please insert the Microsoft Flight Simulator Game Disc” Error message – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (

The MSFS Team

already did all this…

it start now,change nothing :grimacing:
MS Store version here,was my error to buy there…

I do not know how many more reports the officials need until they accept, that there is a problem with this “Insert game disc” since some weeks. It comes and goes completely randomly. These Zendesk page sometimes helps, often not.
I tried all suggestions. What finally helped was reinstalling the digital license via XBox App on PC (MS Store version here). But it came back, then it worked again and so on.


for shure :+1:

I just fired it up to check an issue in another thread, and had no issues.

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win the gamble :joy:

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