Servers down / issue (25 January 2023)

Yes, it’s been on the BBC News today. Microsoft Teams, Outlook and Azure have been down, It appears that it’s a fault at Microsoft’s end and nothing malicious. My Microsoft Outlook stopped working around two weeks ago, I have now changed my e-mail client.



Obviously this is only affecting a few. I have checked the status and it all seems to be up and running. My problem is it now tells me I don’t own MSFS. This same thing happened to me last month and it took all day to come back.

Update: And now it says please insert disc. Bit difficult as I own the digital version :laughing:

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I’m not in the sim right now so I haven’t tried it, but Outlook’s fine for me in the UK. Obviously it’s not affecting everyone.

I’m getting a game license authentication error on startup and it shows that I am not online when in the main menu. Not sure if server issues have something to do with this…

Still no online functionality in Switzerland… :frowning:

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Clouds took a little longer than usual to load in but here in Nuremberg on my 50Mbps broadband all seems fine, presumeably you are also on the west europe server so maybe it’s just high speed internet that’s affected??

I don’t know if resetting your router will help but it might be worth a try.

Facing the airflow showing here….and im on a Xbox here, no way to turn on or off

If that’s from the activities menu I’m not sure you can, not even for PC

Found a solution going to assistance options


The data takes longer to go uphill.

I can get on and fly, but no marketplace connection.

I can’t get past the “checking for updates” stuff like this is the prime reason a sim or any game should have to go through a launcher. The moment the servers act up all sorts of issues happen. Guess I’m flying xplane today.

Same issue for me in Switzerland (26. jan. 09:00 Swiss Time).
This long server issue at least allows us to highly appreciate, when everything works, real time and real weather worldwide.

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Aha! Solved it. I’m using an Xbox and a pc. On the Xbox I could access marketplace and everything this morning. On the pc, marketplace, Reno and maverick were greyed out, not accessible.
The problems Microsoft had had seemingly turned off internet connectivity (options - general - data - top option, internet connectivity) on the pc yet not on the Xbox. Maybe it was because I used the pc during the outage and not the Xbox……however, up and running again.

Solved. Thank you Xbox Monkey4665
Microsoft had turned off internet connectivity (options - general - data - top option, internet connectivity). Put on ON and it’s OK again.

Indeed, with it being very cold, the internet wires shrink making it harder for the data to pass through too :slight_smile:

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