Servers down or what?

I am getting this, my internet is 100% fine. What’s up?

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will check now.
EDIT: just checked - all good over here

No issues on my rig.
All servers show active.
What do you have set for a server?
Did you try another?

Servers are up here

everything is fine, central europe here…

Weird. Thanks guys.

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Same problem here since 2 days…now I’m dealing around with older posts solving XBOX App.
No success till now…

have to correct my first post…it seems, that I have overstressed my sim with rebooting it yesterday, due that I waited on WorldUpdate 3…lol…
The solution was to logout XBOX App and rejoining again. Then restart or start your FS2020, should be fine now…!

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Good to hear you got it working, that’s what I had to do as well.

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