Servers down the game is no good without servers. Hope msfs24 will work

No point having a game that works on servers if the servers dont work. Invested £’ss in this simulator. Not happy


Ooh, I thought it was my new router I just installed.

No point having a house that works on Electric if the Electric dont work. Invested £’ss in this house. Not happy


Forgive me but I can’t tell if your comment is an analogy or a non sequitur!


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Reports from discord is that eveything is coming back online for fs2020, Not sure if this was due to an issue tonight for fs2020 :slight_smile: re try now as everything should be back up re

non sequitur ? I don’t speak French :joy:


Came back, but – after setting my plane on AP, I answered a 30 minute phone call, and when I came back,

I found that MSFS had crashed ( CTD)

You guess it … another 0xc0000005 Access Violation :-1:

Sorry to hear :frowning: might need to go to Bug Reports - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums as this isnt flight simulator 2024 related
try emptying your community folder also see if that helps

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Opps, replied in wrong Topic

As you correctly point out, a little early to be reporting MSFS2024 CTDs !!

(but maybe I can claim to be the 1st !! )


Don’t tempt fate!!! :joy:

You may not be pleased to hear that MSFS2024 will be even more dependent on cloud services, which is both a good, and bad thing. More capabilities, but with a single point of failure the sim is increasingly dependent on.