Servers up: turn on live traffic switch!

MS and/or Asobo if servers are up where is our live traffic?:airplane::tired_face:

Just flew over south Florida. Saw 1 other plane only. Seems like live traffic is borked again…

NO, I restarted Sim, which means server connection was reset, and I have lots of live traffic in New Orleans. Another piece of education for me on how the sim works!!

I just restarted fresh because of a CTD. No air traffic over Florida. Should be swarming with it this time of day. All my online services are working and connected.

EDIT: That’s how it started 2 weeks back when live traffic broke. People started reporting it on a Tuesday. Either zero traffic or severely reduced numbers. But those still seeing it were busy arguing how it was still working and the problem was on the users’ end. Then by Friday afternoon, it was out for everyone. And they didn’t get it fixed until the following week because it was the weekend.

I just finished a CYEG-CYWG flight using the “west” server. Encountered lots of live traffic on my flight. I know these things are always finicky…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t . Today it worked for me

Live traffic out the kazoo near KSEA

New Orleans to San Antonio on West server and a lot of traffic where expected.

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