Service Level Agreement (SLA) and communication policy - proposed question for the next developer video

Whenever a serious issue impacts the sim (like the current on-line weather/bandwidth issue), there is plenty of discussions regarding the expected resolution time and expected communication approach.

Could Jorg and/or Sebastien consider answering following questions during the next developer call:

  1. If there is serious issue impacting the sim - what kind of resolution approach should be expected? Is the Asobo/cloud team working only the European business hours? Should any service restoration attempts be expected during the night? Over the weekend? During the usual vacation periods (e.g. last week of the year)?
    Any differences in approach when the issue requires basic action like backend service restart vs. more in-depth investigation and fix preparing/testing?

  2. What kind of communication should be expected? Only business hours? Any resolution plans or progress reports? Or only the final message after the fix is in place?

Answering these questions would allow the users better understanding how the team works and what should be expected in case of full or partial outages - this would allow the users planning their activities - e.g. rescheduling their simming sessions.

We are all humans, while the users deserve the right to use the sim for which they paid, the team also deserves their resting time spent away from work.


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I would vote for: “As soon as we can” and “We will communicate status as we deem it appropriate.” Thanks. --Redeye


I’d love to see this, would be a huge pivot from the current situation where information seemingly has to go the whole way up the hierarchy before any non-trivial non-boilerplate communication with the userbase is permitted.

Sometimes I feel like …Well, my Internet is out. Does not happen often but it does happen.
What am I entitled to know about this outage and/or repair.
… Well, I can do 3 things. Notice I said “I” …not we or them.

  1. I can Open my Mediacom app and check for know outages that will also have an “expected:” repair time.
  2. I can Visit the Mediacom website and check for outages in my area and expected repair time if there is an outage listed.
  3. I can call their support line and wait until I can talk to a human tech and ask if there is an outage in my area. If there is, they will give me an APPROX repair time. If there is no outage listed the tech will help troubleshoot my connection and assist in resolving the problem.

    If it was their problem, I doubt they will spend much time explaining the issue and definitely not give me a lot of technical details about what and why the outage occurred. This is OK. All we “really need” is problems fixed.

    What if the outage was one item, like a game on my PC. What details should I expect if something goes wrong once in a while ? Right… Yep, that’s how I feel. Just a QUICK BLURB to let me know they know about the issue, they are working on it and when we “might” expect a resolution.

    Good Enough !

Thank you for this question! It is a great one so I will do my best to have this talked about in the next Developer Stream.


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