Set altitude fails

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone else is having a similar problem with the autopilot. use the G1000 or G3000 I set the altitude I would like to reach, as soon as It reaches it, it changes to ALT to some random high it picks from the air. for instance, my last try in a Cessna 172, set to 3000ft, then reached jumped to 27463.

I am running with no mod and have tried a fresh install but no joy.

Suspect you’ve got units set to metric. In the TBM (possibly other aircraft too) setting metric confuses the altitude in the PFD so that altitude in feet is treated a metres and so multiplied by 3.28.

If you at the units to hybrid or US you should be fine

Thank you for getting in touch. switching hybrid did the trick. I have tried in the Cessna and TBM and are both working as should.

Thanks again.

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Great news, happy flying!

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