Set up 2 Saitek USB quadrants

I have tried for several months to get my 2 Saitek USB throttle quadrants to work, but the system only sees them as one unit. I even tried FSUIPC7 to get them working BUT I am not PC savvy enough to get them set up.
Can someone help with a Dummy’s guide to setting the 2 USB quadrants (Not 1 USB and 1 ps2)

Took me a while to work it out …can’t remember exactly how I did it …but naming each one was definitely something to do with it.
…I used titles like Quad 1 two Engine and Quad 2 two engine.
…Once I got those working the rest should be relatively easy!

Thank you for that. My problem has been they are both seen as the same unit. Change one and the other copies.

Yep, I remember it was a problem …but cant remember how I fixed it was a while back …and hope I don’t have to do it again!

maybe plug them in one at a time and name them …if I was brave enough I would go back and try to reset mine and make notes!

Please DO NOT unplug yours. I know how hard I am trying to get it to work and would hate to be responsible for putting anyone else through it.
Thank you for your info so far, it has given me something else to try.

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Would attaching them to two entirely separate hubs work, I wonder?

The other way would be to bind inputs to them using an external tool, and not the built-in sim controller configuration screen.

Mine are definfitely through a single hub.
Maybe worth connecting one, then generating two seperate profiles on it …then plug the second throttle in and see if you can get that to take one of he profiles.