Setting a default parking spot on startup

Hi, I am gradually getting MSFS to how I like it. One thing that has bugged me for some time. That is the lack of being able to set a default parking spot so that I am automatically taken to that spot on startup.

Can anyone please tell me it it is possible and how to do it. In earlier versions of Flight Simulator you could bring up a screen using the ; key.

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Make a flight plan from your spot and save it.
When you load that plan from the World Map screen, you are taken to that spot.


Hmmm…I wish that were the case. Every time I load a saved flight plan it takes me to an active runway even though the plan was saved with a parking spot.

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Now, that is odd.
I specifically tried it before I posted, and it worked for fine.
I’ll give it a try again as soon as I get a chance.

OK, so I tried again.
Load the .flt, not the .pln file.
The .flt will take you to your spot.

Easiest way is when you’re setting up at the World screen; when you’ve either loaded or inserted your flight plan, click on the runway drop down box under the departure airport at the top of the screen (not on the map). At most places you’ll then see a list of parking spots, just select the one you want to use. If there isn’t any, you’re stuck with spawning at the end of the runway. But as this is usually at small quiet places it’s not usually a problem - unless you’re multi-playing!

Don’t try to select from the world map, you’ll lose your flight plan (although zooming in will show you what parking is available).

Little Navmap gives you the option to select a departure point in your flight plan (after you’ve input your departure airport) but at the moment I don’t think it transfers to the sim.

Incidentally I often do this with the destination airport as well - you then get directed to your preferred spot rather than an ATC selected point.

What this poster is asking for is a one click to the spot, not going through the menu.
FSX etc, had a function where you could set a default flight and go there with one click.

After you load your flight plan on the world map (.pln, not .flt), you can change your start location from the dropdown menu.

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Errmm! Isn’t that what I said? It is actually just one click (well maybe 2).

You don’t have to use LNM, just thought folks would maybe find it of interest. Sorry, won’t bother again.


You did say exactly that!
I had to read your post again.
My sincere apologies.
Yours and everyone’s comments are not only welcomed, but appreciated here.

I actually was trying to mention to you that indeed he indicated one click, and the reason why that one click was important to him.
Starting FSX, one click and you could be in the plane.

In MSFS, you need one to open the sim, another to pick your location, another to click fly now, and yet another one -“ready to fly” once you get in the sim, not to mention aircraft and livery.

Then I messed up, big time.
How do you read something and a second later not remember. :upside_down_face:
When you said “Don’t try to select from the world map, you’ll lose your flight plan (although zooming in will show you what parking is available).” I completely forgot what I just scanned through.
Again my apologies.
Next step is using bigger font, don’t know if it would have helped though.

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Maybe I should explain my OP better. I am wanting to have a home airport like YBTH Bathurst. The set up would be a parking spot with the aircraft in Cold & Dark mode.

Like FSX you had a splashscreen on startup and all you had to do was click Fly Now. I don’t want to have to search for my home airport every time I start MSFS and create a flight plan just to get the airport. I also realise that MSFS is a WIP.

The world map is very frustrating and in many ways a big step back from FSX and Xplane.

The lack of basics like default flight, previous flight and the laborious loading of flts and pln files is very odd.

Destinations arent remembered in the drop down, I cant filter by my most used airports or addon airports and in general its just very clunky to use.

One way I have found that might help you is to go to Log Book and select Fly Again, miraculously it takes you to the world map and adds the logbook as a tab. Why isnt this tab always here on the World Map page baffles me, its just very weird and totally illogical.

Id really like them to spend some time improving all of this and making it available inflight too so we dont have to quit a flight and then start this painful clicky process of setting up another flight from scratch.

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