Setting fixed Hz for motion smoothing in OpenXR runtime


MS is sometimes very smooth for me with a REVERB G2 and OpenXR runtime, but other times i get a stutter every few seconds. I suspect it happens when MS is changing between Hz (from 45 to 30 and so on.)

Is it possible to set specific Hz for motion smoothing? Looks like its not possible in the OpenXR Developer tool directly - but maybe in a config file or something?

If you are using an nvidia card, you can cap the max frame rate in the nvidia control panel and can set it specifically for MSFS only, if you want it to not affect other games

I’ve set it to 23fps so that the openxr motion reprojection can still work.

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As dogmanbird72 said, do that and it works well. I too use the NVCP to cap the fps for MSFS (in my case to 20fps as I run the G2 at 60hz mode in WMR setup screen and thus 3x re-projection). I have also set the FPS cap to 23 when I used to run the G2 at 90hz (so 4x re-projection on the 22.5)

So i tested that but now i get a different kind of stutter. Need to experiment more…