Setting flight plan with Little Navmap and MSFS 2020

Hi there, I just downloaded the current version of Little Navmap and Have a question about setting up a flight plan. If you set up a flight plan, does MSFS 2020 know what flight plan you setup or do you have to set them both up? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Under the file menu, you can export the flight plan for msfs, then just load it inside msfs on the loading screen.


I noticed that there is a term on Little Navmap called ICAO, What is that?

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Seriously, ICAO stands for International Civil Aviation Organization. They are sort of like the FAA for the rest of the world. The FAA and ICAO work together to align rules, regulations, terminology between the US and the rest of the wold. It would be crazy to have FAA charts or terminology different than the rest of the world.

So,there‘s the a US-Institution and there‘s the rest of the world? No, as the US is also a member of the ICAO, it is in fact the international organization that works on harmonizing international aviation standards and is therefore „one level above“ the FAA.

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The UK equivalent of the FAA is the CAA - Civil Aviation Authority. Every country has its own equivalent organisation. But the umbrella organisation to which every country belongs is ICAO.

Now, one of the (many) things that ICAO does is generate an abbreviated code - usually 4 letters - for every registered airport. This “ICAO Code” is used in flight planning. So “KJFK” is New York John F Kennedy Intl. “EGBB” is UK Birmingham, and so on. The first one or two characters indicates the country the airport is in, so K— = USA, EG-- = UK, ED-- = Germany, Y— = Australia etc.

Flight plans are almost always abbreviated with these codes (generally just called “ICAO”): EGLL-LFBG is London Heathrow to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle

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Peter just remember not to alter any approach or runway options in the MSFS loading screen once you have loaded your LNM flight plan …if you do MSFS will re plan the whole route substituting it’s preferred route to the one you originally planned.

Hope this makes sense if not just ask .
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