Setting for drone - how?

Does anyone know how I can set the drone that it will always keep the same angle relative to the plane? So, if the drone is exactly behind me, and I turn left 90°, then the drone stays exactly behind me in same position. With the yoke buttons, I want to control the position of the drone.

Somehow I messed up the settings :see_no_evil:, now it is difficult to try out all options, as you always have to restart…


Default drone buttons:

WASD - Pan Forward/Back/Left/Right (camera location moves)
NUM 2, 4, 6, 8 - Rotate Up/Down/Left/Right (Camera POV moves)
NUM 7, 9 Tilt Left/Right (Camera Angle relative to POV)
NUM 5 - Reset View (behind the plane looking forward
RF - Pan Up/Down (Camera location relative to POV down but it could but relative to the ground too i don’t remember lol)

Great - will try out asap, thanks!

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let us know. i might have pan and rotate backwards

I don’t think the drone can be set up to keep the same position relative to the aircraft? As far as I remember it has never done that.

wait now that i think about it theres an option in the in-game camera settings from the toolbar and it’ll determine whether or not the drone cam is following your airplane or not. I can’t recall the setting off the top of my head but when you turn it off the “follow” aspect and your plane will fly off and the camera will stay there

Don’t think you can with drone at all. Only the external orbit camera turns with you. Drone is relative to world.

Yes it follows you, but won’t rotate with you. Maybe I’ve missed something.

Thanks to all for help.

I found out, what I am actually looking for: External view

Here the angle relative to the plane stays as is, when I am turning. And I can change the position of the external view, which then also stays as is, when turning the plane…

That’s what I said :joy: :wink:

drone cam, external cam

Semantics lol