Setting King Air 350i Barometer?

I can’t seem to figure out how to set the PFD barometer in the Beechcraft King Air. I can set the secondary flight display with the knob there. And I see a knob in the center console for the barometer, but it is currently inoperative. Is there another way to do it? Or do I really have to press B to magically make the barometers sync with the game world?

Knob to set it is below the center pedestal, but is INOP for now. So only course of action is to use B

That’s what I feared. Grr. I don’t imagine it would have been difficult for them to program in one more barometer knob… Hopefully it gets patched in later. It’s already modeled and sitting there!

The easiest workaround is to map keys to increase/decrease the PFD baro setting. Search your controls for “altimeter”-something and you’ll find it. Then assign a couple of keys, I personally use [ and ] (left and right square bracket). Not ideal but still better than pressing “b” all the time.

My main problem is that it’s sometimes impossible to tell the QNH at each area so you end up pressing “b” anyway (which isn’t realistic of course)… Many airports don’t have ATIS or even if they do and you set up the frequency, you get nothing from it, no audio or other information. Also when you’re descending below FL180 there is no way to talk to ATC and ask them about QNH, you need to wait until they transfer you to some ground control or whatever, which can be several minutes later or at a point where you’ve already begun your approach.

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That’s why you just use RL info. :slight_smile: If you are flying with live weather, you can google “metar” and the ICAO code of a nearby airport and you’ll get the metar and thus the QNH.

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Hey thanks, that’s really useful. I’ll try this one tonight.

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