Setting the cockpit view

hey, so im tying to set the cockpit view in my Cessna 152. the standard view is too zoomed in for my liking, how do i set it so idont have to keep going back to the mouse to zoom out ? every time i cutback from say, looking out to the side ? thanks :O)

look under options…there are keyboard shortcuts you can use. I’ve set mine up to be very similar to X-Plane…[LEFT ALT]+0 thru 9 on the keyboard keypad. This way I have 10 custom views at the zoom I want, looking at what I want, that I can snap to. And it’s set per plane, so each aircraft has its own set of custom views…

Example: C-172
0 - zooms in to Garmin 530
1- panoramic view from pilot seat
4- normal flying view
7-view 4 zoomed like you’re leaning forward to the windscreen looking for the airport…LOL
8-zoom of the 6 pack
5-zoom of autopilot
2-zoom of the light switches
3-zoom of the power quadrant
9-view out the right side of the plane from the pilot seat…basically turning head to look right.
6-view out the left side of the plane from the pilot seat…looking out the left window.
3-zoom of fuel selector.


I have cribbed some of your ideas!

You can set the default zoom level in the camera settings in the pause menu.

Alternatively you can set a custom camera as previously described.

Another option is checking out the landing camera keybinds. They’re not bound by default but it gives you a toggleable custom camera.

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thanks for all your suggestion guys :wink: