Setting up a team for a charity project

Good day everybody,

I’m looking to set up a charity project.
The basic idea would be to develop a vintage aircraft for MSFS and donate all the proceeds to help the restoration of the real one.

To be more specific we are talking about a Breguet 760, a 50’s airliner with a double deck (!). 20 units were built and 3 are remaining. One of them is sitting in Toulouse (France) and has been under restoration by an association for many years and I would really like to help them.

I have some bases in Blender, C++ and very little in Wwise but I am no expert in neither of them, the aim is to get a very accurate model so I am looking for kind contributors here. Ideally at least 2 modellers/texturers and a gauge developer. This is a minimum of course, I welcome every helping hands. The more the merrier as you know.

I have the complete documentation of the aircraft so I think we can get a very good result!

If you have any question, don’t hesitate to post here or PM me!

Have a good day!

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