Setting up nose wheel steering and speed brakes

I have a Logitech X-56 HOTAS Joystick/Throttle combo and I haven’t been able to map the nosewheel steering and the speed brakes in the new MSFS 2020. Is there anyone using the X-56 HOTAS that can help me? Your help is appreciated.

You could setup the nosewheel steering/rudder tot the twist ax of the X56 joystick (check Windows configuration which ax that is)

About setting up the speed brakes to a joystick, I’m still trying to figure that one out myself

Well how to assign the axis to nose wheel steering. I tried to steering set and that did not work. What do you assign the joystick to?

Thanks for the quick response. I am using the joystick rudder control axis for steering just as you mentioned and it works OK. However in MSFS 2020 options there are three inputs for the steering mapping. Increase Steering, Decrease Steering and Set Steering. Buttons don’t seem to work and I’ve tried different Axis’s without success. For the speed brake I tried “Toggle Spoilers” on the Citation CJ4 and got good results. Good Luck and I’ll let you know of anything I find regarding this discussion.

First : assign the rudder to you’re twist ax on the X56 joystick.
This will give you the ability to steer during taxien.

You probably notice that while your able to steer, you turns are real flat aka not very tight.
This is were set steering, increase and decrease steering come in .
If you want to use set steering, you fill in a value (you need to find this yourself , assign to a button/key and when you need it press it : if you found a value you can work with you can increase your turn radius will steering.

Increase/decrease do execlty the same, only now you can change constantly change you turn radius will steering (think DCS and NWS NWS HI, about the same story)
Assign a key on you’re keyboard or joystick to increase steering, same story for decrease steering and play with it.

Thanks again for your help. But I’m trying to understand your instructions. When using Set Steering you said "fill in a value and assign to a button/key. How and where do you fill in this number/digits. The options menu calls for a negative and positive number, but where do you enter it? Enjoy your weekend.

I need help with this as well, I don’t understand what you mean by fill in a value for the steering and there’s no option for that - just to map it to a key.

tbh that is so convoluted . Just like getting the views…sigghhh