Setting up runway view for replay in VR

I have looked everywhere. There simply doesn’t seem to be any tutorials on how you can set up the camera to watch your landings from the runway in Replay mode (I am using FLight COntrol Replay). So a runway view camera set up tutorial would be great. I also exclusively use VR. Does this make it even more tricky?

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Have you tried experimenting with the drone cam?

I have used drone cam. It’s a bit fiddly to set up but quite effective.

The only thing I haven’t worked out is:

When the drone Cam is placed at the landing end of the runway and the aircraft flies over it pre touch down, drone cam inverts as it follows the plane (so the image ends up upside down as the plane lands). Any way to force it to spin on its lateral axis, rather than its vertical axis?

I have had difficulty operating the drone camera in VR. I was hoping to find tutorials to show how I can set up the drone camera for runway/approach view. Hens teeth.