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Two quick questions for the pros in here. Ive noticed since the latest update my graphics went way down hill, after reading through these threads I managed to fix it (The Bing data was somehow turned off) But issue Im still having is that “buildings and bridges etc” will pop up almost last minute. Example, as I fly towards the Freedom Tower in NYC, its not there until I get somewhat close to its location, then it suddenly pops up. My FPS rate is decent, same as its always been (been playing since last year). My machine is ultra beefy, so its not a hardware issue, and this issue has just recently started. Appreciate any info or help as to what and where I can make an adjustment to fix this.

Secondly, can anyone tell me “where” if it even exists, I can see my total miles to destination (DTE or Distance to airport). I ask this as when I fly the larger commercial aircraft, I see the “distance” to the next way-point, but after scouring the instruments, I can’t see anything that gives me total distance to go. I prefer this info to help me configure the aircraft (flaps, gear, most importantly, altitude) for landing. If I only see the waypoint info, I find it difficult to know who to input certain things for landing, as example, regardless of the next waypoint, I know when Im about 40 miles out from the airport (destination) I like to be at a certain altitude (different for different aircraft). 10 miles out I like to drop my gear etc etc. Anyway know where this info is located? I apologize in advance for such a rookie question, I gotta believe Im simply missing it, and its readily available on the GPS etc? Thanks Gents

On Boeings you can see this information on the PROG page. That is if you have an active destination set in your FMS. Also you can put any points/stations airports on the FIX page and draw distance circles around it. That’s used a lot IRL.
I’m not sure about the Airbus, but there must be something very similar to this.

Thanks Hiflyer, Ill def check out that Prog info, Im amazed its not readily available on the “flight plan” page, but its not, only shows incrementally distances between waypoints. I often don’t even follow the way points, thus I was coming up on my destination airport and finding my altitude was way too high for an approach etc. I know the previous versions always had this info (DTE or DTD) right on the GPS, but Im not seeing it there anymore on this new version.

Any idea with regards to making an adjustment to fix the buildings, structures from popping up late as Im flying?I was NOT having this issue before this recent update. Thanks agian

I saw some posts about that, guys increasing their LOD value by editing.cfg files and such. I cannot comment on that one I just enjoy the sim as is. Hopefully this issue will be resolved in an upcoming update.

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Your hallucinating, not possible. Your only saying that because others are saying that. :yum:

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Excellent info, much appreciated.

Not sure if you are being serious, but I can assure I was! Been playing the sim since last fall when it came out, no shortage of problems and bugs (crashing to DT, stuttering etc.) but the scenery graphics was NOT one of them. The scenery (ie: a specific city) has been amazing,…until now! Now it looks like a generic city with no distinction.

I was not. It was a tongue in cheek remark aimed at the endless “defenders” on this forum that claim that these issues are simply a manifestation of our imagination, simply because they (claim) do not notice the scenery/graphics/exposure difference since the update.

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