Settings & Setup guide for the Tobii Eye Tracker 5

I believe the ability to reset the head tracking is now bindable in the GUI. I haven’t had a chance to try SU9 yet.

That’s always been available. What we need is to be able to freeze the movement by a key bind.

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Not through the UI. You had to edit a controller xml file to bind it. The toggle head tracking was though.

No. There was a way. I can reset with a button press that’s linked to f12 reset view.

Yes, but that was with the default keyboard profile and you couldn’t bind it to another key/button without manually editing the controller xml.

It’s fixed in SU9. F12 is bound to EYE TRACKING RESET.

For now the closest you can get is binding a key to TOGGLE HEAD TRACKING which is currently unbound however pressing this resets the view forward so you might want to post about it in this thread (and vote for it too): Tobii Eye Tracking needs configuration options. You can use FaceTrackNoIR as a workaround if you want the view to stay paused where you are looking by following the guide I posted here:

  1. Have you tried changing your USB settings by following steps 1-34 as detailed here:
  2. If that didn’t fix it have you tried reinstalling by following steps 35-77 in the same post linked above?
  3. If that doesn’t fix it click on the Windows Search Bar.
  4. Type in:
    Windows Update settings
    and click on it.
  5. Click the “Check for updates” button
  6. Click “View all optional updates”
  7. Click on “Driver updates”
  8. If there are any Tobii related updates tick them and then click on “Download and install”
  9. After it finishes installing reboot your PC and test.
  10. If that didn’t fix it then I would recommend switching to using FaceTrackNoIR as when Tobii is removed you can press the Stop button inside of FaceTrackNoIR:
    and then press the Start button and MSFS should detect the Tobii again without having to quit and restart MSFS.I wrote up a guide on how to use FaceTrackNoIR here:

After upgrading to Win 11 ET5 has stopped working in MSFS. It does not even appear. After a day and a half going back and forward with Tobii Tech Spt with no solutions from them I have given up. I recommend not upgrading to Win 11 if you want to keep using it.

I’m sure you have tried this but have you tried a full clean install of the Tobii software followed by installing directly from Tobii versus from the Windows store? Not sure how different those versions are.

@SirupyGolf12097: I upgraded my 6 boxes long ago to Win11 - and on two of them ET 5 works without any problems…I don’t believe the error is caused by Win…

Thanks but I have done that 6 times to no avail. I am now doing a full reset of MSFS and I expect I will lose my data and be back to scratch, but I have tried everything else and the Tobii Tech Spt had no answers either. If this does not work it is going in the bin.

In my experience Tobii ET5 is working fine on Win 11.

Perhaps you can list some of what you have tried to resolve the problem?

I once had my ET5 stop working after making a seemingly unrelated hardware change in my PC. With a bit of personal troubleshooting, all it needed was to be unplugged form the USB port and re-inserted - which got it to re-connect with the Tobii software.

BTW, there’s no point in re-installing MSFS if your Tobii isn’t showing up in your list of controllers.

  • That would indicate that your Tobii probably is not connected to your PC - for whatever reason?

Have you tried it with other applications or is it just MSFS?

Hey everyone,

Prefacts: Win 11, MSFS Steam version all Updates installed, ET5 freshly installed, TrackIR previously but uninstalled.

ET5 basically works fine and appears reliably in MSFS. Only the position tracking causes issues. When rising position tracking sensitivty from 0 to a bigger value my position in the Cockpit is moved backwards and down from the original position and forward/backward tracking does not work. All other position tracking works fine according to the sensitivity set. So when I set it to 1 I can easily see my sidewards as well as up/down movement being tracked but forward/backward is stuck in position. When I move it up to 5 the sentivity is notably higher (much higher) and my position has moved even more backward. Forward/backward movement is still not tracked.

I’m not sure of any other game that should track this movement so I installed FaceTrackNoIR which perfectly tracks the Z-Axis movement when i move my head back and forth. So I assume there’s something wrong with either Tobii or MSFS integration that causes the issue.

Has anyone yet seen similar? I already requested the cleanup script packages from Tobii that were posted earlier in the thread to try to do another cleanup. I fear there is maybe some TrackIR leftovers somewhere but I’m unsure on how to clean that up. I already uninstalled everything I found.

Any help is appreciated.

I do find the position setting (front to back) to be a touch finicky sometimes as you mention, but it does work well for me.

Once I’m in the cockpit / flight deck, I press F12 to get my head seated at the right height, then press F12 again to move my head back a little - as it’s usually too far forward initially.

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I’m exactly the same. Need to reset view twice to get in the correct head position but fine after that.

I got mine working.

I’m pretty sure the key for most people is uninstalling OpenTrack or some other conflicting software. This and uninstalling using Revo + rebooting between every uninstall and install.

I didn’t do any of the other tips in this post like power modes and setting sleep settings.

What I did:

  • I tried uninstalling Tobii with Revo, Rebooted, installed latest driver, rebooted. Did not work.
  • I didn’t think I had open track installed, but i tried searching in revo and there it was.
  • Uninstall opentrack with Revo
  • Reboot
  • Uninstall Tobii with Revo
  • Reboot
  • Install Tobii latest driver
  • Reboot
  • Launch MSFS - unknown whether this matters but i didn’t minimise it during launch
    It works.

Very helpful, changing the sensitivity has fixed my lack of zoom issue. :slightly_smiling_face:

Ordered this today, can’t wait to get using it.
Hopefully this will solve my issues, as using popped out screens on my Droid and iPad devices with SpaceDesk can be sub optimal.
When it works, it’s great, but when my Wi-Fi starts to play up, and the connections to the devices gets lost or laggy… we’ll, it’s a real pain.

Also looking forward to ditching my yoke hat switch for the multiple views. This is ok in a C172, but in an A320 or the C414 it can be a real bind to have to flip through about 8 views to get to the cockpit view you need.
So hopefully panning and zooming etc using the Tobii 5 will be the answer for me.

I ordered this over the weekend. Definitely takes time to get used to it. I’m finding the movements are a bit too much/fast, so I guess I can try tinkering more w/ the settings. The biggest complaint I have is when flying airliners… it’s almost impossible to keep the camera “still” when programming things into FMC. I know there’s a key bind that lets you turn on/off the eye tracking, which is cool, but I do wish it wasn’t so sensitive in that area.

Finally, it’s def cool technology – but the price is just still absurd, in my opinion.


These are the Tobii settings I use for most airliners:

Top to Bottom…


I do share your complaint about keeping the camera position still when focused on switches, dials, & the FMC. I hear TrackIR is better in this respect.