Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

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SU9 is having problems with Chicago and Las vegas land marks packs too. multiple CDT`s and deformed buildings

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I apologize to the moderators for drifting off topic and making it personal. This is merely a sign and symptom of my frustration.


Present company included. I’m sorry. :wink:


Quite understandable. Is it unreasonable to expect what we pay for? Simply put, I just want the sim to work as it should but it doesn’t!
I didn’t buy this in order to run it with everything turned off.
Your frustration is shared by many more.
Sim Update 9 needs sorting out now, not when someone gets round to it.


These issues are so inconsistent.

I’ve just being flying for about 3 hours. No crashes at all but…

Still have the observed stuttering when moving between the home pages. It obvious how when going to the homepage the 5 graphic windows load in at slightly different times.
Each time you move between pages there is a fade in or fade out and these are noticeably slower so you can see each stage of the fade.
Suddenly this time I could ‘Add’ anything to my route in the flight planner, just unresponsive.
Stuttering occasionally in flight.

The one strangest one happened about 20 minutes ago…
Was parked and viewing in external view on a grass runway surrounded by fields, bushes, trees and buildings.
Switched to Showcase view and the aircraft dropped from a slight height, bounced around a bit but most interestingly all of the view as far as I could see was just a patchwork effect. No bushes, trees, buildings or anything. Then over about 15 to 20 seconds they all came back bit by bit. Very strange and not experienced that before.

I seem to get something different each time.

Tell you what I have come across in the profile section. When I select a livery for another aircraft the main hanger graphics go completely until I select another livery then the hanger re-apppears

I had a perfect flight this morning, something I have not been able to say since SU9. Only had a brief lockup on world map.

I had all of my DLC installed. It was perhaps the smoothest it’s ever been.

I’m starting to think that some of the CTD is while loading live weather and live traffic along with whatever DLC and WU /photogrammetry needs to be uploaded as well. It either takes to much ram suddenly or they conflict somehow.

If I turn live weather and traffic off I notice far fewer issues.

I fly with cache turned off. I have found no difference with it on or off. I really think they need to use this cache properly to support ram constraints.

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As long as people post “perfect flights”, nothing gonna change :blush:

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I agree, I too managed three flights today, Diamond DA62.

It was not the same as yesterday though - yesterday was perfection(sort of), today i see the notification icons are missing from the toolbar, just my account showing?

I did get another G1000/NXi update so installed that.

The rest was ok apart from massively bad stutters, never seen so many, but surprisingly no CTD’s. The graphics were popping-in badly too, London was a laugh but no CTD’s.

Very odd

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This is weird.
Three days ago I could not get passed the world map after the update let alone fly.
But I just been in the Flying Irons Spitfire for the last two hours with no glitches or stutters at all.
Even the world map is behaving perfectly.
Have they secretly altered anything.

This is becoming extremely frustrating. None of the issues im having are consistent. Im getting all the world map freezes and avionics glitches. sometimes the sim loads. other times it just wont. Sometimes the nav displays work, and other times they freeze mid flight or go black. this is just terrible. If there was something consistent happening then perhaps we could nurse a workaround until its fixed…But it seems that everytime I try, its one or the other…or all the issues at once…


First time that this happens, impossible to fly at this moment. ND freeze, fpln page doesn’t work :triumph:


I added a new bug, the Boeing 787-10 has become practically unusable as created flight plans don’t upload correctly to the FMC, therefore it’s not possible for the autopilot to navigate the full flight path. More details in the OP.

(See the “holes” in between waypoints in the flight plan at the left side of the FMC.)

That just happened to me on my approach into LGA. The ND freeze was happeneing since the update. But the MCDU reading “unavailable” is new to me as of today

It happened to me this afternoon. I was about to abort the flight when suddenly it recovered :flushed:

I really don’t know how they broke everything in the final release if the beta was running really well. Looks like I’m not flying anymore until the Hotfix release :expressionless:


I would like to refer to the following thread:

I was able to play today for about 4 hours completely without CTD, both with planes and third party airports. Maybe it helps the one or other XBOX player and can at least briefly enable the use of the MSFS again.

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The avionics screens are frozen “only until” the aircraft reaches the next waypoint on the flight path, if there’s one. Then it recovers (and freezes again after a while, possibly).

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It looks like that indeed. It’s getting weirder and weirder.