Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

This is what gets me the most…
No statement no excuse…makes me wonder if they even know what happen.
Staring the Sim every few hours to see if a patch drops but nothing.
Vr Pc user here, unflyable.
Dropped frame just standing on ground, lost around 30fps and picture seems shaky / unstable.


Same with any plane.
Vr is not usable for me.

I don’t want to annoy anyone here, but for me MSFS was running relatively “normal” again last night (With the tweaks I linked above - Live Weather OFF, Live Traffic OFF, Multiplayer OFF).

I was even able to fly the Kodiak together with the G1000NXi, a combination that previously with SU9 has led absolutely safely to a CTD.

Of course, the performance is still not really good or on the level of SU8, there are still jerks and also graphic errors (This absolutely annoying flickering in the windows must be urgently patched!), but the MSFS is at least in the GA (Airliner I usually do not fly) usable again, even if you have to do without one or the other “feature” (I love the MSFS on the XBOX just because of such things as the “live weather”). In the area of areas with photogrammetry, the MSFS goes definitely since the SU9 totally in the knee and offers hardly more than 15FPS on the XBOX Series X.

Right now, I’m testing many of the third party aircraft, Carenado, Kodiak, Grumman Goose and others. And it seems to work without any other major bugs.

Even though this “workaround” may save the most trouble and possibly make MSFS “usable” again for some (XBOX) players, of course I also agree with the big context here that it’s about time that the developer (Asobo) speaks directly and honestly about this. It is not a problem THAT a mistake has happened (This can happen to any developer!), it is just a problem when the players/customers are left in “uncertainty”.

Such a thing does not necessarily promote trust in a company!


Thanks for making this detailed description! Have exactly all the same issues.

Fed up, yesterday I took 3h to uninstall the all game and add-ons.

I re-installed all world updates and only third party planes and Alaska/New Zealand/Paris/London and New York scenery I got.

I do not reinstalled any other add-ons (airport, traffics, etc).

The game is finally working, no more Autopilot issues but still some frame drops, even on map menu…

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A really great summary of where we are ( and that it is just those of us who are serious flyers, others might have given up by now).
Having got rid of my Vessel packs, turned off Live Traffic, Live Weather, Photogrammetry, checked all third party aircraft, thx sim is usable again - but as you say, nowhere near where it was before. Oh, I can only fly in reasonably rural locations if I want a decent frame rate. And I still get one or two CTD’s a day which I am now reporting each time through the. Box “Report a problem” app.

Honestly. - it is just not good enough - I’ve said it before but I will say it one more time - I’ve come to dread the next SU date, as most of the time there have been some issues to resolve. I went from PC to Xbox because I believed that Asobo/MS would ensure there were no issues on the flagship X|S consoles…

There is no public acknowledgement from the devs of the widespread issue on Xbox so far - and as they have badly disrupted/damaged our MSFS experiences through what looks like a failure to carry out testing to a decent standard ( there are beta users on here who say they were communicating issues to the dev team, by the way) - they are succeeding in doing a lot of self-harm( possibly irrecoverably ) to their reputation. I’m starting for the very first time to hope that another flight sim developer takes a look at the potential of the Xbox ( and I never ever thought I’d say that)


I had a flight yesterday with all the live services on and no ctds as I mentioned as well as using the g1000nxi mod with the c172. Doesn’t feel quite as smooth as SU8 though.

On the subject of live services, do you guys generally have multiplayer on, I can’t decide if I like it on or off.

2 flights for me on an A320, live traffic on, third-party airports (static aircraft addon off) and luckily had no CTD. I had frequent stuttering during both flights, but both landings were smooth.

Hi i did try with these off and still the same ( slightly better)
Tried with steamVr and with Oculus and its the same.
Only seems to run normal or at least acceptable when not in Vr.
They released a patch during beta that made things really smooth, 2 days later i think we received the last one and things went wrong.
Su9 released and it went worse.
I don’t agree with fixed release date, release on time at all cost “policy”, would rather want them to make sure it runs smooth first.
It has just become a money grabbing machine imo and i dont think having us happy is a priority for them.


So the Beta patch before the last one was okay? Do you know what changed between those two?

Saw somewhere (i think mentioned in this topic) that a patch was released by mistake, just after that and then final release.
It was running perfect, could even raise some settings to high / ultra.
Got fast internet so done 2 reinstall and tried win11.
Nothing…no communication, no patch, no sim…

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Exactly the same problems I’m having. I was looking for solutions to problems as I am new to the game.


For now my solution is to leave the pc off and stay away from it.
Does not fix it but my level of anxiety and time wasted has gone down drastically :joy::wink:
Back on forum for few weeks i guess.


It has been suggested elsewhere in this thread that it may also be a server-side problem.

And I can confirm at least for the last 2 hours that it has apparently led to many stutters and dropouts. However, I must also say that my Internet connection is very poor at the moment. Normally 1000Mbit arrive here, just 25Mbit come out of the line.

Maybe also with the servers problems and / or actually something in the SU9 “screwed up”.

I find it very interesting in any case, as more and more “construction sites” open up and what apparently the very big (again) went wrong at SU9. That should be Asobo but also Microsoft hopefully soon a warning.

It can not be that with every second major update, the players in rows only days or weeks to wait for an improvement. That is no longer really customer-friendly!


Well that’s somewhat encouraging. Let’s hope Asobo will realise that as well.

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Stuttering and CTDs might be caused by server issues. However, the problem is that the sim is currently suffering from many, many other bugs as well. From the slow start-up to freezing avionics to problematic flight plan navigation, autopilot woes and others, it seems clear that any server-related issues are not the only culprits right now. Many other things have gone wrong with this update. Personally, CTD is the least of my problems, the game hasn’t crashed on me mid-flight (it did on the World Map), but the stuttering, the avionics and the sometimes impossible airliner navigation all make life very hard. I couldn’t even rank the different bugs in terms of importance, I feel they’re all critical to the experience.

So while one could mitigate some issues by turning off live data, the other bugs still remain. It’s just a baffling situation overall, and quite disheartening.


Does anyone have the issue where on the world map your cursor gets stuck in a white box when selecting an airport/gate/runway? The only way to unstick the cursor is by moving the left stick or zoom out so the box disappears. Not sure if this happens while using a mouse…


Yes I’ve had that problem and highlighted it earlier in this thread. Doesn’t do it all the time either.

Has anyone tried this, just in case, lower resolution but better framerate?

Thats about where i’m - the day after the update was CTD non-stop, next day was working ok but jerking and stuttering all the time, menu freezes as well. Some AP issues and world scenery ‘pop’ problems too.

I’ll get back on tomorrow a busy today but it does seem the servers cause the CTD’s, previously I had only had two CTD’s and one of those was directly after SU8 landed, then it fixed itself again after two days.

Hi there @ all.
New to this forum, but enjoyed reading for a long time.

  1. Has anyone tried to load a saved flight plan for example with the Cessna Citation? Loading and adjusting seems fine - start the aircraft and switching the mfd to terrain/weather results the mfd to a blank screen. Also you can’t switch the displayed radius on it.

  2. Several cdt at map / approach / while restart from QuickResume

  3. Right stick of the controller @ world map sometimes without function / at least the dead zone @ map is horrible

  4. The F/A18 hasn’t got any position lights doing their job / the auto-flaps won’t disengage if you set it to 15°/30° this comes together with auto-trim and results in a weird landing configuration with at least an auto-flap setting @ 40° (shown at the external hud overlay). Right now landing the F/A18 seems more a crash or luck than trained skill