Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

I was surprised to be honest about the lack of a performance mode as nearly all SX games either run at 60fp or give the option of a performance/quality mode. I’ll take 60fps any day. Don’t mind sacrificing graphical fidelity. I need 60fps for those 700+ knots fighter jets doing low-alt passes. :grin:

Sense of speed would greatly improve too at 60fps as not everyone wants to do several hour long flights flying in a Cessna or commercial jet, admiring the scenery only…

Hey I thought it was just me! I can’t get it to disappear. It was there before SU9 I believe and still is.

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I get annoyed that there are people who suffer little/no issues. Both PC and Xbox users alike. Not at them personally, as if people are getting maximum enjoyment, that’s great. I’m annoyed that there are no answers. I’m annoyed that things seem to be regressing a bit. I’m annoyed that a lot of Xbox users seem to have been dealt a bad hand with the sim, in regard to the litany of issues people have brought up, to the fact that the vast majority of the great aircraft are used day in and day out by people on PC, and they extoll the virtues of them (rightly so), but because of what I perceive to be poor planning and lack of foresight by the developer, there are issues preventing that, with no definitive end to that saga. It is very disheartening sometimes, and has been since SU9.

I’d get a PC, but there’s no guarantee that I won’t suffer issues with that, and I’d be even more out of pocket.

I just don’t understand why there’s such a massive difference in user experience.

If this doesn’t improve things I am strongly considering just having a break from it for a few weeks. As it’ll just get me more frustrated.


Dev Q&A is next week. I feel like the current state of Xbox needs to be addressed and it will be a shame if it’s brushed off. Jorg needs to speak openly and honestly to the Xbox users on what the heck is going on and needs to assure us on the plan to get the sim into a “usable” state with minimal CTDs working in tandem with 3rd party add-ons. If I recall from a previous Q&A, he briefly mentioned that issues are not due to any hardware limitations on the Xbox side (I’m paraphrasing). I’m sure he and the community managers have read many of the posts on this thread, so they’re definitely aware about the current state. It’s kind of hard to miss this thread when it has over 1,800 comments in 3 weeks.


This is all very sad and disrespectful. I really enjoyed some daily casual flying, some random Bush flying, some IFR on the A320 (even with it’s bugged AP) more recently some transatlantic flights with Concorde. All suspended. Bought XBOX X, Thrustmaster, VelocityOne all just for MSFS. I can understand bugs but cannot understand prolonged SILENCE.


I hope they offer some hope for people. Some sort of information. Otherwise I think I’ll be hanging up the yoke for a little while and letting things play out for a few weeks/months.


Is there any way we can work to get this escalated so that it happens?

I know I emailed Phil Spencer this week - but whether he reads his emails or not….

Got people in the Fenix A320 thread obviously buying that (it was released a short time ago) and being rightly very happy. My point is not that I want the Fenix necessarily (I’m not a massive fan of Airbus) but that a concept of MSFS was to have some semblance of parity between both platforms. But it seems as if not only do PC users get the consistently better aircraft, they also seem to have less issues en masse than xbox users. Because the Fenix uses an external .exe to run certain processes, it’ll never appear on Xbox, which does not allow external apps/programmes. Something else which perhaps could’ve been forseen.

There very clearly isn’t parity, and I’m not sure there ever will be.

I realise I am venting. But, I think I’m entitled to as long as it’s (reasonably) constructive.

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There will never be complete parity between the two platforms. Xbox might come a little closer once the WASM issue is solved(if ever, I have my doubts because of the mess lately), but there will always be developers who choose not to release their products on Xbox. For various reasons.

I think it’s simple: If you want the absolute full experience, go PC. If you’re ok with some casual simming, go for Xbox. This is just the reality, in my opinion.


I see your point, but I can’t afford a PC. A good one capable of running the sim similar or better than the Series X I have will cost a four figure sum.

That’s precisely why I bought the Series X.


Is this really the truth? A “budget” pc(€1500) will run this Sim quite well I think? It’s offcourse tripple the cost of the XSX, that’s true.

Yes well, that’s three times the price isn’t it, as you say.

To clarify, I do not expect complete parity. But between the WASM issues and the SU9 problems (that few Xboxers are immune to, it seems) it isn’t anywhere close to uniformity.

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well it seems i have got passed CDT. i have now twice been frozen on flight loading splash screen . doesnt look like i will be flying tonight

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yey got a flight, then straight to CTD. thats me done for the weekend. at least asobosoft could replace the slash screens with new ones, getting bored staring at these ones

I think we all just gotta wait u til this hot fix happens then hopefully we can all get past the loading screen and they will hopefully focus on sorting out these random CTDs during gameplay. But again it’s PC first,Xbox second so who knows. In the meantime I just want to play the ■■■■ thing. I wanna fly across the Atlantic in a Boeing 747. SO THEY BETTER HURRY UP. until then it’s a waiting game.

I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion considering the PC version was downgraded for the Xbox release and many bugs have been ignored for a long time now because developing the Xbox version has been top priority.


Pot meet kettle…

You are just as wrong on your point

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It’s a bit of a waiting and hoping game at the moment, we need the fixes as a priority for Xbox and hopefully SU10 will have the WASM fix so more aircraft finally come to Xbox. I think in 2-3 months time we will start to have an idea on the state of things.

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Alas; a beta build, greatly appreciated in lieu of a hotfix!

And I’m in, I reach the main menu for the first time in days, no world map freezes at all.

Wow, suspended Marketplace update for Xbox and delayed Local Legend, this must be serious.

@AirJog that’s great to hear, have there been anymore improvements? How’s the menu performance and things like that?