Severe Problems on Xbox After Sim Update 9

Yep, that was yesterday, it usually looks a lot better

Folks, please be calm in this thread. I just had to clean up an exchange between users on all things unrelated to this topic. We’re trying to keep this open so readers have a place to go about this particular situation on the console.


Tried another flight around Rome. With a default aircraft. Okay so far.

Though the photogrammetry is a mess.

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Decent flight from Bolzano to Milan. Tried to load up another one from Genoa, I get the characteristic stutter when loading in, and then CTD.

Taking some self-imposed exile from the sim. It’s just not fun for me at the mo.

Hi, Done the update, and YES I can get passed the NEW ACTIVITIES able to take off (EGTB) system crashed when landing.

Please send feedback to Asobo if you have CTD in the beta as well, so they know. (I think it’s done via the Insider app but not sure.)

Please always exit the game and launch again after a flight. In fact, hard boot the console even. This way the amount of CTD’s reduce.

But not for everyone :wink:

I always use quick resume - the only time i have rebooted is after an update, oddly the time when i get most CTD’s.

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I always do that, it doesn’t do anything (for me anyway). The CTD’s are still frequent, and unpredictable.

Wait when on the insider how do you find the update . As in where is it

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Normally you restart the xbox after enrolling to the beta and it starts installing automatically within a minute or two.

Fair statement, but when you can’t perform a basic ILS landing due to the STAR waypoints disappearing, that’s a problem. Even if all the stuttering and CTDs were to be immediately taken care of, the game is still unplayable for me. I’m strictly an airliner user.


Done that. Thanks

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The Xbox is absolutely useless due to the high frequency of CTDs. It usually starts to stutter before a guaranteed CTD. It effects all addon scenery. The larger the scenery, the sooner it will CTD. PC versions are fine. Memory leak?

Please Microsoft/Asobo make this a top priory before adding more Castles and Churches. Customers are very angry, demanding refunds. We won’t be releasing more xbox versions until this is fixed. SU9 made it worse if anything. Thanks.


Yes, I find that on Quick Resume I get a more fluid welcome and World screens. Each time I reboot the screens start to stutter and freeze again. I’m finding that a quick Resume actually gives me less issues and less CTD trouble

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I was already on the beta that’s why then. Thanks tho

Well I have installed the new update but it’s not showing MFS on previews is it cause I’m on Game pass and it’s not installed but that shouldn’t be an issue. What do I do? I’m so confused?

what dev would want to release something new for the xbox side of the sim at the moment?

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The turbulence is an added feature for SU9, many asking for a slider or option to turn it on or off.

A lot depends on the time of day, location and height of flight.

It feels a bit overdone from my perspective and needs some tweaking but turbulence should be in a flight sim game. But this one does need some work IMO.

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Yeah, something is wrong with ILS it seems.

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