Severe stutter and my fix

After installing AIG I got so bad performance at EKCH (addon scenery) that i was more or less useless to fly in or out of that airport.
Piced up that using DevMode had sorted out other ppls problem, and tried this without any imideate effect.
Then I pushed Active Pause in the ingame game-bar and re-entered after a few seconds, and then my sim again was at stable 30 FPS again.
Have been taxiing around for 30 min now trying again several times, with several restarts, and each time i follow the procedure FPS jumps up to my normal stable 30 again.
Could be this wont work for others, but it really did the trick here.

Thx for sharing! What is AIG?

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AIG is «real» ai traffic with correct and variated liveries. Really bring the airports to life

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Great, will check it out.

Today sim makes me think it was all pure luck… actually went ahed and reinstalled win10 to have a 100% clean and healthy pc for upcoming release. A few hours left of setups this sunday i guess

Would just like to report fantasic results after a complete reinstall of computer + sim with all addons exept AIG.
I only sim in VR and use OpenXRTK for FPS, and pre reinstall I always had low FPS in menues. I.e. on MSFS Home screen menu I could get around 10-15 FPS. I know menue is not the place we want FPS, but I never understood why FPS would be so low on a menu. Yesterday i reached 76-90 fps in this menu, and latest WU souldnt do anything to this perfomance as of my knowing.
In game, with all the same addons installed, but all over higher graphical settings, running my test with PMDG737 from gate A8 at EKCH FPS never went below 27, topped at 36 and went stable around 30-31.
This is a night/day difference and sim is back to a stunning experience. I know it wont last forever, but for now im super happy.