Shadow Cloud PC


Is someone using a Cloud Computer for playing the Simulator. It seems as if it offers quite good performance on FS2020?!

Wonder how good it is lower to the ground or in built up areas.

That is pretty impressive. I would like to see a flight from take off to landing though.

I wonder what the lag time is though. FPS is all good, but if it lags, not so good.

Surely aswell if your streaming all the game data you will lose out of the data sent from the Microsoft servers for added details, unless you have amazing internet.

Shadow is working for me. I haven’t noticed any lag personally, but I’m no expert. If you want to see a particular place I’d be happy to make some screenshots to compare to something running on a high-end local machine. So we can compare. I’m running on “Ultra” with ~ 35 fps, but I’m not 100% sure I’m not missing out on details.

I’m not sure about missing any data from the Microsoft servers: it’s all sent to the Shadow PC, I think only the output (screen, audio, …) are streamed to the local PC. The Internet connection on the Shadow PC is very good ( shows 1.0 Gbps download on Shadow and 24 Mbps download on my local PC) - which comes in handy when downloading the game.

I did have to scale back streaming bandwith from Shadow to my Laptop to a fixed 30 Mbps to avoid audio stutter and graphics artifacts.

I’m running MSFS on Shadow Boost too (…until I got it on the Xbox Series X or new PC). Yes it runs OK if your setup is as in the video, e. g. resolution only Full HD, being in the air and (probably) reducing the render scaling below 100.
I run it at 1440p, settings to medium/high and render scaling to 100. FPS are around 20-30 in the cockpit and on ground.

And if you are really interested in shadow, order it now because for some regions (like Europe) you need to wait until next year to get activated.