Shadow issues in VR remains

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Brief description of the issue: Tree and building shadows in VR exhibit stereoscopic effect

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I don’t know if this is the viewdir shader issue that was supposed to be fixed in SU6 but since SU5 I have had, and contine to have post SU6 a strange stereoscopic stype effect when looking at shadows cast from trees and buildings.

I believe its due to the shadows being rendered lighter in the right eye than the left. It creates a weird effect where the lenses look a bit misaligned, close my right eye resolves the issue.

I was wondering if others experience this too, and if SU6 fixed it for you? I had believed this was the viewdir bug that was reported fixed, and it was probably the fix I was most looking forward to, but the issue hasn’t resolved for me.

I’m using a Reverb G2 with a 10850k, 32GB ram and a 3090.

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There is alrerady a thread on this subject

But yeah im having same problem on Quest 2