Shameful, Just Shameful

And yet many people have hundreds of hours etc on the sim. So your statement is incorrect. Many of the basic features of the sim do work

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Thanks a bunch. Will give these suggestions a try. Now this is help when needed. I appreciate it.

I’m stating the truth here . Simple things are not working this is fact and I’m with you on this one because even on my high end system, I always have to worry what is gonna go wrong on this flight? Basic stuff don’t work especially the autopilots which is a shame . I shouldn’t have to do workarounds to fly a simple Cessna . And I did not pay 130 dollars to be a beta tester either .

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Many of the basic features do not work! Autopilots, trim, coordinates, weather etc do not work they are flawed

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On Point Jack. I will try Gordon’s suggestions and report back.

Yes they do. See my post here if you want evidence. I use AP all the time. ILS landings. Full IFR and VFR flights. If course there are bus and some things to be worked around. But I and many others are successfully flying many hundreds of hours in the sim


Well – Good for you … You may well have that right … so what are you going to do about it ??
A right is only as good as your ability to get it enforced.

Do you really have a LEGAL right , or do you just feel you have a “Moral” right.

If you are not happy with MSFS, have you tried to return it for a refund ?
Or maybe its not that “Bad” and you would rather keep it, and just complain in the forum about how you were taken for a ride ?

And you have NOT been playing MSFS for 16 years , its barely been 16 weeks
16 weeks into FSX, and it was just as Buggy as MSFS appears to be .

Some have problem, (sorry for that), others do not … so maybe its not so much the sim, but more the user and their equipment ? )


Wrong and good for you I got hundreds of hours in it too big deal and about 500 hours playing with the settings. What may work for you don’t work for others and these aircraft are straight up junk . I’m a real life pilot and can tell you the physics are 100 percent off!

Exactly — what MarcG888 said !!!

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Whatever. Then why are you here and not refunding?


Seems like an outsider to the gaming world that this product is a very early release. There are to be expected many bugs and issues that any real pilot would find disturbing. I entered this realm to have fun and experience the newest SIM. I use X-Plane for my IFR training. A much more seasoned and time tested SIM. But for fun, MSFS is the ticket, bugs and all. Give it time, keep providing feedback, and working to improve the product. Above all, set realistic expectations for a brand new release.

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And my thread and other comments are facts too which I’m also entitled to point out. I will refrain from violating the CoC by name calling.

This Thread is so heading towards getting CLOSED down …

The Sooner the better … Just the Thread Title alone should have got it closed days ago !!

Where is a MOD when you need one ??? ROFL

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@moderators don’t think this is going anywhere helpful

Don’t close it yet. I just started snacking!



Even you didn’t ask for help. Nice people here isn’t it? :wink:

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