Shanghai ZSSS - Runways Reversed?

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The airport runways seemed to be reversed 36L should be 36R etc.
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Just start a flight at the airport.

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ZSSS (Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, China) have two parallel runways, but the runways in msfs is switched, making 18L appearing right of 18R, and 36R left of 36L.

Yes, you are correct, interestingly my LittleNav Map chart shows the same reversal of L and R so when I first looked I thought, this agrees with my chart, there’s no problem. But then I zoomed out and realised I was on the Left runway, but it was marked as Right.

Same on Little NavMap results for me too. Hope it gets fixed. Cheers!

The fact it’s also on LittleNav Map makes me wonder if the original source that both of the are using maybe the source of the problem rather than a bug in FS2020.

Jeppesen and satellite show the runway numbers are not correct in the sim. LNM is probably pulling directly from the sim.

Yes, of course, as we need to read data from FS2020 when we first install LNM