Share some of your favorite STOL bush plane airfields

I’ve been focusing on flying STOL planes like the Wilga, Smaug, etc. on bush flights.

Please recommend some of your favorite destinations. They can be default or 3rd Part addons.

I don’t buy a lot of scenery packs, but I did purchase a few of the //42 scenery packs, along with their Campout Utility, and also bought a scenery pack in New Guinea that includes some cool airfields. I want remote airfields that present a challenge - not impossible, but fun.

I’m not looking for flight plans, just a list of cool places to go camping.

Maybe Alaska, Northern Canada, Africa?

Thanks in advance.

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Although many places there are for seaplane, Return to Misty Mooring (link to the website) is a very nice scenery pack. For roleplay reasons, the Beaver may be your horse for these trips, but I like the PC-6 amphibian, or the Kodiak. Look to the “STxx” (e.g. ST08, ST09, …), small runways in the middle of nowhere, on top of glacier…

All these little yellow dots on my map are from RTMM.

With seaplane bases :

Without seaplane bases :

Many of them are challenging for different reasons. Seaplane bases are sometimes located in very narrow valleys. Bush places are still in the middle of some great forests. And for all of them… well, you have to compose with local weather, too :slight_smile:


mmm i guess Lower Loon Creek airstrip would be at the top of my list
crazy approach!

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I really like these:
There’s a mesh and aerial pack on simmarket for Gran Canaria, which is great but it messes the strips up. I’ve had to disable the mesh and just keep the aerials.


I do have a Kodiak Amphibian, put haven’t even turned the key on it yet.
I’ve mostly been flying the FSR500 and Hjet, but have recently been getting into the Wilga, and now the Smaug (Wilga on steroids. :smile:)

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You can begin with the Alps altiports made by Bagolu.

Another really nice one is

And you’ll find a lot of ideas and suggestions in this topic, mostly Parorng and Baracus suggestions.
(better to begin from the bottom of topic to have the most recent places)


Thanks for the link. I searched, but my search-fu is weak.

…you called :ear:

Haven’t added to it in a while but there are some gooduns in there, rated personally.


(Not just because of the 10 character minimum…)

Thank you! And to everyone else who’s contributed!

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I’ve hit a ton of US bush strips in my streams. Many are charted, some not. Some are hard-surfaced, many are not. Some are public, but many are private. Even some innocuous-looking backyard or ag strips can be quite the challenge and/or scenic enough to warrant inclusion.

Here is a partial list of my favorites compiled from a 100-day series we did through the course of 2021 around the Western US in which we hit over 1300 airports. All are acceptable in default scenery except a handful, as noted:

Northern California

Northern California
  • Ward (0O9)
  • Andy McBeth (S51)
  • Happy Camp (36S)
  • Hoopa (O21)
  • Hyampom (H47)
  • Dinsmore (D63)
  • Silver Creek (41CA)
  • Ruth (T42)
  • Hell’er High Water (45CL)
  • Gravelly Valley USFS (1Q5)
  • Fort Bragg (82CL)
  • Shelter Cove (0Q5)
  • Antelope Valley (4CL3)
  • Lofty Redwoods (53CL)
  • Ocean Ridge (E55)
  • Sea Ranch (CA51)
  • Mysterious Valley (20CL)
  • Ala Doble (CA34)
  • Belos Cavalos (CA39)
  • Las Trancas (very challenging) (17CL)
  • Bonny Doon (CL77)
  • Eagle Ridge (6CA6)
  • Hermitage (45CN)
  • Bear Valley (73CA)
  • Flying Gluepie (super challenging) (74CA)
  • Limberlost Ranch (CA21)
  • Old Aerodrome (9CL7)
  • Milhous Ranch (79CL)
  • Totem Pole (CA38)
  • Bodad (CA11)
  • Double Creek (CN42)

Oregon - Willamette Valley Area (we hit some of these on last week’s stream)

  • Mitchell (OR67) (very challenging)
  • Iron Crown (22OR)
  • George (67OG)
  • Poverty Hollow (OG23)
  • Deer Creek (98OR)
  • Flying M Ranch (OR05)
  • Ribbon Ridge (73OR)
  • Hayden Mountain (06OR) (no longer charted, but quite possibly the hardest legit “strip” to successfully land on in the sim)
  • Bero (30OR)
  • Vernonia (05S)

Idaho-Oregon-Washington tripoint area (near Hell’s Canyon and the Wallowa Mountains)

Hell’s Canyon Area (ID-OR-WA)
  • Red Bird (ID57)
  • Wapshilla (I45) (very challenging)
  • Salmon Bar (O48) (very challenging)
  • Lord Flat USFS (OR9)
  • Memaloose USFS (25U)
  • Pittsburg (O29)
  • Big Bar USFS (1DA)
  • Sluice Creek (O68)
  • Red’s Horse Ranch (68D)
  • Minam Lodge (7OR0)

Central Idaho (just a partial list). All of these are complicated by extremely rugged terrain, short runways, and high density altitudes. We were messing around here and Hells Canyon a few weeks ago in the Bronco.

Central Idaho
  • Johnson Creek (3U2)
  • Lower Loon Creek (C53)
  • Marble Creek (ID8)
  • Cougar Ranch (D47)
  • Mahoney Creek USFS (0U3)
  • Soldier Bar USFS (85U)
  • Cabin Creek USFS (I08)
  • Flying B (12ID)
  • Vines (need scenery)
  • Mile Hi (need scenery)
  • Dewey Moore (need scenery) (possibly the most challenging airport in the US)

I will populate another list with more another time, getting deeper into the four corners region, but here are some general highlights of the PNW and northern Rockies:

  • Big Muddy, OR (2OR1)
  • Pilot Butte, OR (8OR5)
  • Shotgun Ranch, OR (42OR)
  • Bob’s (Trout Lake), WA (36WA)
  • Monument, OR (12S)
  • Land’s Inn Ranch, OR (49OR)
  • Stehekin, WA (6S9)
  • Ryan Field, MT (2MT1)
  • Meadow Creek USFS, MT (0S1)
  • Spotted Bear USFS, MT (8U4)
  • Hill (Viola, WA) (WT88)
  • Kinky Creek Divide, WY (WY30)
  • Huskey, ID (ID72)
  • Luckinbill, WY (WY06)
  • Gardiner, MT (29S)
  • Bullwhacker, MT (BW8)
  • Left Coulee, MT (LC0)
  • Black Butte North, MT (BB0)
  • Paradise Valley, SD (2SD0)
  • Black Hills, SD (SD27)
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Holey Macaroni!

You all are going to keep me busy well into retirement…

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Mile High in Idaho developed by Creative Mesh is a joy and a challenge. And free!!

I’ve spent several weekends departing from Johnson Creek (3U2) and visiting various airstrips that can be found along Big Creek. And Mile High is a mandatory stop.


Some of the 50+ Intermediate Landing Fields along our air mail routes are pretty STOL-ish!

Covers the whole gamut from mountains to desert.

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