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I’m working on this carrier, which has a lot of work to do, but doing movement tests, I have come across this …
(9) Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft Carrier - YouTube


I’ve seen lots of people say they can’t get a hard surface on a moving object, or rather a simobject.

Since you can animate non simobjects I don’t really understand the difference, not that I can figure out how to get anything to move along a path yet.

Maybe the Top Gun addon will completely solve this? Or maybe they’ll keep the secret to themselves.

What would be really cool is a functioning moving airport but I’m not sure they’ll bother to program that.


Pienso exacatamente igual que tu, creo que la version top gun el portaviones esta estatico, y lo mas logico es que este en movimiento, asi los aterrizages seran mas apasionantes

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I think exactly like you, I think the top gun version of the aircraft carrier is stable, and the most logical thing is that it is in motion, so the landings will be more exciting

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