Share your rig spec & FPS experience of SU5

Share your rig spec/laptop spec & FPS experience of SU5

PC specs:

  • i9-9900k oc 4.8ghz
  • RTX 2070 +220mhz memoryclock +1000
  • Corsair x4 16gb ram 3200mhz =64gb
  • Samsung 970 evo plus NVME m.2 1TB drive

Have gained more than 10 fps even in dense area’s even after turning many settings up and using live weather. Barely a stutter in sight. sitting around 40fps on average now was hitting lows in the 20’s before lowest seen so far was 35 but completely smooth.
Super happy with the performance with my rtx 2070 running at 4k at 80 render scaling and lod sliders at 200. Glad i didn’t bother buying an overpriced gpu now.


PC specs:

  • i7-8700k @ 4Ghz
  • 1080Ti stock
  • 2400MHz 32GB
  • NVME m.2 1TB drive (thunderbolt external)]

Gain in ‘dense areas’ e.g. London, Tokyo, LA - ~10fps
Gain in ‘less dense areas’ e.g. Osaka, Auckland ~15fps

Settings are ultra except for Vol. clouds (in some scenarios fps takes ~10fps hit but with High setting fps is normal)

On average, was in the 20-25fps range in high density places, now in the 35 range. Less dense areas in the 40s … Panning views is better although some stutter in the dense areas when changing camera view. All in all its a great improvement for the modest hardware.

The good

Tonight I was seeing 80fps in rural Kenya (up from previous mid 40’s) a massive increase.
(Albeit åt about 8000ft, clear skies/daylight over water)

The bad.

I was unable to complete a flight all night. More CTD’s than all previous CTD’s combined since I first installed in December.
TrackIR has never previously been a problem but I had maybe 5 or 6 disconnects which require restart of sim to fix.

Scenery not loading (maybe sever load related?)
Extremely poor LOD (tiling really visible. Tree’s literally popping in under ny wings.) So bad I actually had to check that online functions were enabled.

Hate the csrtoon style UI and new menu layout.

Aircraft config no longer gets remembered (weight, fuel load)
Airports apparently no longer getting remembered.
Airport history lists only 3 airports…and these appear to be the first 3 airports I ever flew from way back in December 2020!!!

Performance increase is amazing. But sim does not feel stable.

The rig.
(Mounted in an Obsidian 900d with a fair amount of modifications)

8086k @4.8 all cores
64gb ddr4 3600c16
Rtx 3090
2x 1tb Samsung 970 Evo nvme (OS and game install)
1x 2tb Sata SSD (general storage. Not active source of OS or game data)
Custom watercooling loop includes CPU, GPU + GPU backplate. - dual pump and more räds and fans than required really.
Entire cooling loop holds about 3L of coolant.
CPU cores rarely if ever reach 50c under gaming load, GPU core likewise very cool. “memory junction” (vram?) sits between 50 and 60c
My coolant temp is usually only a few degrees above ambient don’t think I have ever seen it reach 10c over ambient.

i7 10700k @ 5 Ghz
4 gig of DD4 at 4000 mhz
Samsung NVME m.2 drive
AMD RX590 (my bottleneck)

I don’t pay any attention to FPS. If it’s smooth, it’s smooth. At the moment FS 2020 is plenty smooth until I go to VR, which is to be expected considering my GPU. :slight_smile:

The first time I started up SU5 (after the updates) it took 10 MINUTES to get to the main screen. The second was closer to normal (about 2 minutes, maybe a bit less).

I’m liking what I see so far.

Radeon 5 3600X
MSI B450 Tomahawk Max
32GB 3600 Ram
Radeon RX 5700 XT
512 GB SSD
1440p, High End settings

Pre SU5:

45 FPS, capped at 30 with Vsynce.

Post SU5:

60 FPS, capped at 60 with Vsynce. (Doesn’t go above that without Vsynce anyway) Occasionally dips to 45-55 FPS.

I attempted Ultra settings, and got 30 fps, but it was noticably less smooth. I’m happy with High End settings. (Ultra worked fine for me when the sim initially released, but I had to bump it down after the first update)

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Holy FPS! I didnt think this update would do much for me but the FPS is so much better! I just flew over downtown Vancouver (fairly heavy buildings, water etc.) scattered clouds, max graphics 3840x2160 display on a 49" curved Samsung monitor, 200 RENDER SCALE! Which is almost 8000 pixels!!! And still getting a smooth 24 FPS as smooth as 24 could be lol. At 150 render scale I get very smooth 30-35 FPS. I would rather have 150 render scale at 30fps than 100 render scale at 60FPS. This is AMAZING and will hopefully get even better and more optimized!

My rig is a custom fully water cooled,
i9 9900kf 4.0ghz - 5.0ghz boost
2080ti OC 11GB Water force
64gb DDR4 4200
Samsung 980 Evo M.2 SSD

R9 3900X Stock (slight altering some voltage settings to maintain stability, those WHEA crashes, dammit)
Noctua D15S
MSI B550 Tomahawk
16GB GSkill RipjawsV @3600 XMP
RX5700XT Stock
512GB NVMe M.2 SX8200
2TB HDD Barracuda
QHD, Ultra & High combined (following a graphics setting recommendation thread here)

25-30 FPS in heavy regions, usually locked to 30 FPS

30-50 FPS in heavy region, can get up to 60 FPS (locked) in light region. I still lock it to 30 FPS so CPU & GPU are cool and not roaring, and I can use other apps, youtube, twitch, or read reddit

Happy with this settings, I can tweak graphics to lower and run at full perf @60FPS, but I don’t feel the need of extra FPS for now. Maybe later when I get a VR headset. I can live with 30 since I lived with <20 FPS playing P3D in my old laptop haha