Shared Cockpit, Aircraft Updates,Radio / Switch Panel support and Performance

The 4 things that have been in my mind the most coming into Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 after receiving it and using it hands on are MAINLY when the shared cockpit feature will be implemented, When and how often will they update the aircraft within the game as they are missing some basic features or have minor bugs, Will we get support for the Radio Panel and switch panel, and lastly if there will be any further optimization for performance.

Shared Cockpit
I’m sure that everyone who is using this sim as an actual sim will definitely agree that shared cockpit is a must, even the people who use this more for fun, the experience is amazing when you can have a friend inside of the same aircraft and do a flight together and plan accordingly. I know its probably coming, I just want to know when to expect it.

Aircraft Updates
Regarding the aircraft we have so far, when it comes to variety, I have very little to complain about. They gave us a little bit of everything which I enjoy, EXCEPT we could’ve gotten one military jet :wink: but now I’m just being nitpicky lol. The big thing I do want to see is updates and bug fixes to the beautiful selection of aircraft we do have. I’ll give the main example being the Cirrus SR22 which was an aircraft I was very excited for. The cirrus has a keypad which at the moment is not functional, as well as when you load in a flight plan, the FPL button does not show your waypoints / airports. Would just like to know If and when these aircraft will be getting updated?

Saitek Radio / Switch Panel
A lot of hardcore flight sim enthusiasts / IRL pilots in training have invested into their flight sim setup quite a bit, including myself. I’ve noticed that my switch panel and radios serve no function in game and this is very disappointing as it makes it easier to switch frequencies / run startups by having these things hands on, feels like wasted resources if I do not use them :frowning: I would like to know if they will add support and if so, when?

Well, if you haven’t experienced some issues with performance, I envy you and your setup lol. I understand that the game is very demanding and that will require some upgrading, I would just like to know will there be future updates for optimization or something of the sort?
I7-6700K 4.0GHz
GTX 1060 3GB (I know, VRAM Bottleneck)
16 GB DDR4 Ram

ONE LAST THING, I understand and recognize the Sim has just released and will have its issues, I just wanted to highlight the things I feel are the most important or relevant to me.


A little update I’d love to see in multiplayer is some sort of chat. Possibly a global (server-wide) and local (maybe like nearest 100nm or something). Because right now there’s no way of communicating with someone.
I’d also like the ability to see all the players on the server without having to zoom into a certain area of the map and waiting for them to load in. I’d like to be able to just see where there’s the most people. Oh and also some sort of information (possibly next to the server region selection) of how many players are in that region.


i agree i would love a chat option at the moment guess we will have to use team speak or something


IIRC there was shared cockpit in FSX right? Ive been solo on p3d for so long I can’t remember much about fsx. I really hope we get it down the road.

Shared Cockpit would add a whole new dimension to the simulation. Imagine the training opportunities!

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