Shared Cockpit event: Milan to Marseille

The MSFS Bushpilot discord is holding a shared cockpit event. We are using the A320 from FBW. You can find the details of the events in our discord channel. Usually we are at least 10-12 pilots sharing about 4 airplanes. We provide training in shared cockpit work order and can teach you where everything is in the a320. We usually do flights that are somewhat of a challenge, like the perilous approach in to Paro, Bhutan, the wonderful circling to land 08 approach into Innsbruck, or the famous approach into runway 13 at Kai Tak. The world is our oyster, and what better way to share it than with your fellow enthusiasts in a shared cockpit session?

Please follow the link to our discord to get more information about this specific event, and to announce that you are coming.

Newcomers are highly welcome, but must take the jumpseat for 1 flight before promotion to Pilot Monitoring (PM). If you request 1-on-1 training beforehand we can consider skipping this requirement for you.