Shared cockpit/multiplayer

Wasn’t this planned for 2022 at some point? What happened?

I join the request. We need this feature! Maybe in the next big update coming?

It doesnt work too good…sadly.

Why is that?

its not synchronized. So you wont see the same readings on the gauges. Which alone makes it useless to me. besides that the one who isn’t in control cant really do anything…Its far from flying as PF and PM.

OK. Got it.

They are working on a big update to this mod (version 3), they are adding granularity to the controls.

Meaning that on aircraft like the PMDG DC-6 one person can be Pilot Flying, exclusively with yoke control. And another can be Flight engineer/Pilot Monitoring, exclusively with throttle control.

Both can still use radios and switches etc.

Thanks. Got it.