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That’s even funnier. Asobo making the same mistake.


Submit a ticket…I tried to select 4 using the keyboard and got a CTD….and see what they say.


Surprised that Win + Up Arrow is not on the list. It will maximize the current window. Its also super useful when a windows gets “lost” after you dock/undock or remove a second monitor.

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when my mom asked me --what key i have to press? i said --any. then she pressed alt. it’s only one(two if be correct) that is not exist in the any key’s family

Takes me back to my old FPS days, messing with teammates when they ask a stupid question:

“How do you re-load again???”


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I should press F for you

This particular topic has been discussed at length. Most programs I use, just exit. I find it is a quick and easy way to clean up my computer and reboot/shutdown. I just keep hold down the ALT and keep tapping F4 until the Restart/Shutdown dialog pops up.

As soon as you are done reading this response, hit ALT + F4.
Then reopen your browser and log back into the forum and tell us what the confirmation box said, when you hit ALT + F4.

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Sure thing! :stuck_out_tongue:


The number is absurd yes, but that’s because I use Sidebery with non-loaded tabs to save stuff, instead of bookmarks. So there is not the amount of disorder it may sound like. :wink:

There is a Wishlist topic that addresses this very situation:

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Its nvidias fault. I often thought who the hell came up with the idea to put filters on alt+f3 ? Could made be saver per default …

Been there; done that; earned the achievement.

Asobo’s terrible UX design strikes again.

We’ve all done it, :poop: happens! You just gotta laugh!

Having said that perhaps they should add an option in the game that shows a warning [Are you sure you want to exit?] even if ALT F4 is used.

Get those neon colored Post-It notes. Cut out a small thin strip and stick it under the F9 key (or whatever key you assign to video capture by nVidia)


Or some sort of thing guard-like sleeve that fits over the top of the F4 key. You could still press it, but you would have to insert your finger in to the top of the rectangular tube to do it. :slight_smile:

Not good enough, Should be a heavy metal covering that needs 4 keys to open. So 4 people have to turn the key at the same time. Its the only way.


When I was flying on Xplane after only flying MSFS for weeks after its release, I was on final with a King Air on VATSIM and wanted to set my flaps to landing configuration, so I pressed F7 which in Xplane apparently cuts my mixture. Obviously I couldn’t stay on the glide path of the ILS, so the controller asked what was going on and realizing what just happend, I replied “self-induced dual engine failure” while laughing and disconnecting from the network. I have now unmapped the F6 and F7 keys in Xplane.


Wait until you use Linux and try to copy something with Ctrl+c…:slight_smile:

Razer synapse protects against these accidents hehe

Not that terrible, just drops down to the next shell line.

If you have something executing then yea, it’ll kill it but otherwise.

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