Sharpening overdone since last update: everything looks way too sharp and pixelated

It’s weird, the game does update UserCfg.opt every time I change settings in game (timestamp changes) however it leaves the post process section as is.

Mine is located in C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt

Others say it’s in C:\Users\Name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.Flightsimulator etc, however I don’t have that directory.

I haven’t tried any sharpening with NVidia, it’s simply set to Off there. I’m not looking for any artificial sharpening, but I do expect more from 4K downsampling to 1080p. I can’t believe that even without AA it looks so blurry without sharpen when downsampling from 4K. Maybe there is something wrong with their scaling algorithms.

Are you sure it is not GeForce Experience auto-optimization doing this behind your back?

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Nope, it’s just the usercfg file.

I meant is it possible GEForce Experience is modifying the file on your hard-drive because it would be auto-optimizing the settings and the only way to auto-optimizing the settings is in writing this specific file.

Decided to to see what default sharpening on with Ultra preset 1440p

You have to set the preset to “Custom”, then it won’t reset.

I agree sharpening is overdone with last patch, very overdone. I didn’t change my settings in game or in Nvidia control panel. I used to takeoff from Newark few weeks ago and that’s what I saw today when tried again (playing at 1080p with TAA as usual):

At full screen you can see how hard is sharpen on building, ground, etc.

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Did a settings reset along with Nvidia and everything looks a bit better now.Check your NVIDIA settings as well.I could recall accidently having Nvidia sharpen on plus the sim’s sharpening combined

Your tree draw distance is really good. Mine doesn’t look anything like this on mostly high settings, LOD for objects and scenery 180.

Have you edited the LOD config & to what?

What you see there is 200 on the OBJ and Terrain LOD. Nothing has been edited.What I find some places just look better than others.

I don‘t understand why most of you are tweaking the hell out of it and then wonder why the sim does not look pretty for some of you (and yes, some of you have a toaster and want everything on ultra) and then always blame the devs. If you would listen to Asobo, then you will have heard that they have said „don‘t touch the graphics card control panels to tweak something.

Step 1: Don‘t touch the Nvidia control panel!
Step 2: Tweak the settings only in the sim itself
Step 3: Don‘t touch any .cfg files!
Step 4: The sim settings should be based on your system!

Problem solved!


Both the OBJ and Terrain LOD sliders are @200.That’s basically the limit on my PC.

@MarsAquarius … hopefull this will be marked as the Solution… these kinds of “tweaking” cause so many trouble…


I agree to this in general, especially if you’re doing anything in the NVidia CPL which is not doing any good to the simulator.

However, there are some NVidia CPL settings which are making a positive difference, reducing stutters and increasing fps at the same time, as reported by many people in the following discussion:

You might want to try out.

…Except it’s not.

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Then buy a new system. Mine is working fine with 50+ fps on ultra settings. In big cities i get about 30+ fps.

“Problem solved”

Tell this to my computer either. It’s running on Asobo set Ultra with 50fps, haven’t tweaked anything and e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g. grainy like the sun on this pic

Turn sharpening off in usercfg.opt

These are the settings I use

	Enabled 1
	EyeAdaptation 1
	ColorGrading 1
	Sharpen 0
	Fringe 0
	LensDistortion 0
	Dirt 0
	LensFlare 0
	FilmGrain 0
	Vignette 0
	LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000
	FringeMultiplier 1.000000

(Post process needs to be on to correctly convert to SDR displays, otherwise everything is bleached out)

It was overly soft to a bit blurry before the last update. The recent update fixed TAA so now it’s all crisp again, no more need for sharpen to battle the softness. Sharpen makes those grainy cloud effects much much worse.


To be honest, didn’t want to change anything manually, but I switched off Sharpen and FilmGrain in the cfg file and now it’s looks amazing, ta! Should be an option for it in game, tho’