Shengzhen by orbx fps drop on a 3080ti...10 fps

on shengzhen by orbx the fps drops to 10…i think it’s a bad scenery optimization…I have not problems at all in the sim but with this scenery fps drop to 10 in 2 min…Usually the team said me to delete content xml and rolling cache…but nothing…I think the scenery need some testing before release…elsewhere in the world no problems

maybe i found the problem…Vessel global shipping in that zone…i tried with all my packages in community

Hi @Luigipsi. If removing the “global shipping vessels” addon restored your FPS for that scenery, that’s a good thing. However, does the global shipping addon have the same negative FPS impact on other coastline-based addon airports you have? Perhaps that’s where most of the problem is coming from. It is worth checking that out.

the only problem is hong kong…They should fix it…i have traffic at 100% but in the other busy places no problem…The problem is not global shipping…The problem is global shippin AT hong Kong

@Sartanius no problem in the other busy places like new york gibilterra etc…There is an overwhelm of hundred of ships at hong kong and cpu & gpu are stressed

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