Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

Thanks. So you’d say the blurry displays are the only drawback, everything else is on par or better?

Well I’ve only done about 6 hours of testing, but so far the only downsides are the blurred glass cockpit displays and a problem with HDR not working correctly.
Otherwise I’m quite impressed with the improvements.

I’d expect they’ll be able to get the hdr problem sorted before release but not so sure if the blurry displays will be as simple.

The clouds and weather were quite spectacular on my few flights today as well.

Sounds good, especially since the HDR thing is a pancake issue, right? I’m mainly (actually only) wondering about VR.

Can’t comment on VR as I haven’t got a headset.
Think there’s a few youbtube vids on VR with SU10 but haven’t watched them yet.

I don’t think we’ll ever see MSAA again and the developers admitted that the shimmering was caused by a change they made related to LOD. We suspected it was never really a driver issue or anything else like that.

On this topic I have also observed entire objects (not just pixels) being drawn upon tilting head sideways slightly, and then undrawn upon bringing head back to level. I have seen similar effects on rotation, whereby objects are drawn when they are at the peripheral/side of the VR vision, but disappear when head is rotated so they are centre of display.

I guess this is an LOD level change - surely this should only happen when the head/camera is moving nearer or further to the object, and not upon tilting or rotation of the head/camera? Could it be that the LOD level changes are somehow being set based on number of screen pixels an object is covered by, rather than distance to the head/camera, and then we get a massive jump in LOD on a slight head tilt due to the 1.41x (√2) factor you mentioned? Although this wouldn’t explain the effect from rotation.

I have tried to capture this effect in the below videos at JFK airport. In the first video it is a white truck that is disappearing, in the second a group of parked cars to the left of a building. The video is short and low quality to meet forum restrictions but can put higher quality on youtube if ity helps.

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The new Beta sucks…but I tried turning off DLSS and going back to TAA and the shimmering is about 60-80% better than it was with SU9.

Hopefully that’s here to stay!

Hey, why do you think it sucks (I haven’ttried it).

Are you sure the shimmering with TAA is better? That would be amazing but I don’t know why it would be. Can anyone else confirm this?

Yes I’m sure!

Shimmering is one of the main things that I wanted fixing in the sim. So when DLSS became available in the Beta I tried it and it made a huge difference! However, the overall picture quality is worse so it was an unfortunate trade off.

I’ve since gone back to TAA and can confirm the shimmering is definitely lessened. Obviously not 100% gone but enough for me to be happy with it.

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Yes, confirmed!

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Cool! Was the DLSS trade off just the blurry instrument screens or also other aspects?

I found the instrument panels fine to be honest. In general the whole picture isn’t as a crisp with DLSS. It still looks good but when you switch back to TAA you really see things pop more with quality.

The only plus to using DLSS is my GPU temps were way down.

I suffered with the shimmering buildings after SU5.
I’m on the Beta now and DLSS is a vast improvement for me.
The scenery looks much the same as TAA did to me using the DLSS balanced option, minus the shimmering of course.

Just the slight blurriness to the glass cockpit instruments but i usually zoom in when looking at them and they are perfectly usable for me.

New Beta update…

Pleased to confirm that shimmering is still virtually non-existant under TAA as long as you bump the Render Scaling to 115 or higher (1440p monitor)

Anyone with a G2 tried SU10 with DLSS? Considering both Asobo and some posters were saying DLSS basically resolves the shimmering completely, I’m pretty dissapointed. I feel like it’s been reduced by 30% or so at best, but it’s still very much there.

And while I do get quite a few additional frames with DLSS, I still get microstutters in a lot of situations. Although I’m hoping a CPU upgrade will resolve this soon (currently OCed 8700k).

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What VR headset are you using?

Sorry, when I posted my comment on the shimmering I hadn’t realised it was in a VR related section.
DLSS on a monitor is a vast improvement for me but I can’t comment on what happens in VR.

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I have a G2. All DLSS does is making everything more blurry which leads to the shimmering not standing out as much as before. The issue itself is still here.
It’s been a year since SU5 and still nothing.
I don’t think Asobo has the will or the skill to fix it.

Yeah it’s ridiculous. I’m beginning to wonder whether it’s also especially bad in the G2 somehow.
Apparently the Aero has much less shimmer. Then again, plenty of G2 users were never that concerned about it. Still not sure whether it’s actual differences between hardware/software, differences in perception or just unwillingness to see the issue lol

Can confirm it has always been especially bad on quest 2 as well, well at least since Sim Update 5. I haven’t done much testing with DLSS as I find it makes the glass cockpits too blurry