Shimmering/AA downgrade since SU5 (in-game, not menus/overlays)

I notice the shimmering is still there with DLSS when I pan the camera, basically it takes a slight moment for the DLSS algorithm to take effect after moving the camera. Didn’t have this issue before with MSAA.

I noticed an increment in shimmering or flickering in the latest sim update 10 but i dont know it is related to the sim or the driver, it happens on third party scenarios and most on pre-generated buildings, any solution? or is this the way it is?. thanks

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Are you talking about VR?

Lucky you if you only see it when panning the camera! I see it on trees all the time except in darker lighting conditions

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No, it’s 2D

I have tested a bit with DLSS quality mode in quest 2 (max resolution) and have the same conclusion. I still see it most on lighter coloured autogen buildings.

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DLSS is a graphical downgrade, not sure what users expect :wink:

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When asked about this shimmering in Dev Q+A, Asobo answered by saying they were working on DLSS which would be an improvement, that’s why we are talking about it here.

you mean that DLSS fix AA artifacts ? May be these downscale and KI re-render can so produce different images ( and also may be reduce shimmering ), but all of these is not magic. DLSS is made for performance, that users can play 4K , 8K , VR … For a much better qualitiy we need DLAA ( deep learning DLAA, not what we currently have ). How the newly DLSS 3.0 works, we will see in some years ( of course nvidia spec. say then you need a new graphics card, of course :wink: )

And by the way… I assume with each new release comes a user and see some magic new bad things…

Thanks for the lecture, but: As mentioned before, Asobo specifically stated that DLSS would eliminate the shimmering in VR. It clearly hasn’t, that’s all we’re talking about. We didn’t think DLSS would bring quality improvements as such, but we (foolishly) believed them regarding this one specific aspect. To this day we don’t know whether the issue is really about aliasing.

Pre-DLSS, the autogen buildings were my biggest issue. Now with DLSS, I actually notice it much more on trees, all over the place. Buildings still an issue too though, obviously.

Just noting here that I am finding the latest updates unplayable.

Whatever post processing they are using on trees and grass does not feel identical in each eye in VR, which exacerbates the shimmering.

I don’t think I noticed it in SU5, only recently. Anyway, this is causing eye strain as my eyes try to bring focus on blurry, shimmering trees and grass.

Sadly, I now prefer to get my flying fix in other flight sims.

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What do you mean? You want to create a new thread for the shimmer issue?