Ship and Ferry Traffic on Lake Constance


Does anyone know of a way to generate ship and ferry traffic in MSFS on Lake Constance.

Greetings Peter

Given that water bodies with elevation present challenges for the stock sim to render marine traffic, this is moved to #third-party-addon-discussion:scenery-packs if there is a 3rd party option.

Try this amazing mod:

Hmmm, I just discovered this mod myself yesterday, but I didn‘t see any boats on lake Constance (German: Bodensee) either. And I did lower both „AI ferries“ and „Leisure Boats“ density sliders to 10 percent.

Now here is the thing: according to Little NavMap there was supposed to be an AI boat on lake Constance, just when I tried this evening. But I did not see it in MSFS, even when checking out the exact position with the drone camera.

According to Little Navmap the title of the boat (asset) was „Fisherboat_03“ (or similar).

Initially I thought that the model might be simply missing from the installation - because I did see three boats on lake Lucerne! So the addon is essentially working (and yes, I am talking about the boat that you see in the thumbnail of the link above ;)).

But now that I read the comment about the elevation of lakes, perhaps there is indeed an issue related to that with lake Constance (but then again, Lake Lucerne is also not at sea level - have to check on a real map…)