Ships in Pearl Harbor

First, I am amazed how accurate FS2020 is. I love it! Have been using MSFS since 1995! Have all sims, and I love this one!!! Easy to set up and fly! One thing, I love to fly around Hawaii. The ships in Pearl Harbor looks like they are flat below water. There is no Memorial?
Please add makes a world of difference. Please also put an aircraft carrier in water so we can land on it.
So far the sim exceeds my expectations!

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I live in Mid Coast Maine, our largest employer is Bath Iron Works, they build ships for the Navy. I see the same thing with two ships at the shipyard, clearly seen from above, but down at water level, nothing, like they are submerged. Same thing for the dry dock. Clearly a bug that needs addressing, but given what else is wrong, probably not to high on the priority list.

I’m seeing a lot of things underwater all over the place. Either MS is trying to tell us of sea level rise in the future, or it’s a big bug. I also flew over Pearl Harbor and noticed the memorial was under water. It’s like that in a lot of coastal regions.

I also flew over the Missouri River near the ST Louis arch… there’s some really whacky stuff happening along rivers like rivers elevated way up in the air with straight cliffs on both sides where the water goes straight down.

I really hope these kinds of things get sorted out. Such an amazing simulator with really whacky scenery stuff happening.

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The best the simulator can do right now is blend the “water texture” with the “land texture”. It gives the illusion that stuff just off shore is going underwater, but it’s really just two flat textures being averaged. There technically is no “underwater” in the game. Their AI has to be further developed to identify things out in the water that should not be covered up in “water texture”. They mentioned working on this in a Q&A session, but I don’t know how long before we see it in a World Update.

That’s a problem with the Bing Maps data, not necessarily Flight Simulator. So we’re waiting for Bing Maps to be improved, or again the Flight Sim AI needs to be further developed to try and pick out and correct mismatches and misalignment in elevation, water coverage, and the aerial imagery.

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It will improve. The world is a big place. It’ll take some time. Although, I’d like to see an open world where users can have some involvement in developing it. Bit like google maps.

As many users have said here, just in general ships are not loaded correctly, and water is not loaded well as well, but from the skies it looks perfectly fine, but definitely should get fixed at some point

Here is a freeware addon with ships and the memorial. o7