Ships sailing backwards

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Yup, for those who hadn’t already noticed many ships sail backwards in the sim! So far I’ve found more sailing backwards than forwards. This bug needs fixing please.


Either that or it just launched two torpedos.

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Backup quick! The fish were back there!!!

Maybe they just hooked up Jaws?

Seriously though, good spot.

Funny, but I found a mid size ship underway 4 nm on the 195 radial from Kalaeola Hawaii. But it was going backwards at 10 kts and no wake


Could you state where and when you found this one please (the more precise the better)? Many thanks :slight_smile:

Also, where did that wake come from?! It is the first time I’ve seen such in MSFS!

Boats that move used to have wakes. Think it was only for one update then they went again.