Shock Ultra Air Speed Indicator Error Again

Like the title, the error has come back with sim update 5…
Now speed is projected in knots than km/h on the gauge while the gauge itself is printed in the metric system. While I am flying 80knots, the gauge should equivalently indicate around 150km/h but now the needle is on 80km/h. This error was fixed with SU4 after long waiting but come back soon with SU5.
In addition, the slipside ball in the attitude indicator is motionless although it should move while the plane is in banking or yawning. This must be fixed also.
The digital display on the left side of the panel which monitors the engine and fuel sides should be touched since it shows every normal and warning colors (green, amber, & red) simultaneously even while the plane is in normal and only green color should be displayed. This error might not be critical but decreases legibility as well as realism.

I was about to open the ticket again. This bug is re-introduced AGAIN in last update (it’s not the first time that this bug dissapeared and then is re-introduced in the next patch)

EDIT: Submited ticket to Zendesk

Hello, topic also opened here: Shock Ultra Airspeed Indicator displayed in kts instead of kmh (with latest update)


Guys, I recommend voting and talking in the earliest report in order to maximize the visibility and tracking of the bug instead of creating several topics about the same issue.
So will be voting and discussing the bug here because it’s the earliest.

But this is not a question about which is earliest or not. The purpose is that devs can merge both threads if needed, so I tried to link them.

For me the correct thread is the one under the “Instruments” section.

Anyway, I voted both.


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Thank you guys! I also submitted a ticket while writing the original post. Lets see what is happening with the next update. Unfortunately it might take long time since Asobo had fixed the previous one after almost five months from the initial introduction of this error and now they must be being overwhelmed by various complaints brought from the last update as you may know.

Hello everyone,

as @Dalmako noted, there is another report on this topic.
To keep the forum organized and to prevent the splitting of votes,
we have decided to reopen this topic and close both duplicates:

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